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Being single poems: Inspirational poems about being single and happy

Being Single Poems: It is a constantly thrown in our faces: romantic love is the key to happiness. Says who? The movies and media only show happy couples, never showing all the work and stolen freedom that comes with it. Being singles gives you freedom and a sense of independence that could never happen in a relationship. So when your friend is feeling down about not being in a relationship, give her one of these poems that are filled with great reasons to be happy in your single life and enjoy this time.

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Take life by the horns, no one can stop you
Life is an adventure, ain’t that the truth.
No can stop you; you’re free as the wind
Single’s the real life, it would make anyone grin.

Life is a tightrope, there’s only room for one
Life is an adventure, the things you do can’t be undone
Life is crazy, insane and has to be done
Life is a tightrope, there’s only room for one

Single’s the only way for some,
Life’s not as easy as chewing gum
When things get rough,
Sometimes you’re the only one you can trust
So do life the best way you can
And you’ll go places, young man

In world full of married people it is hard to stay true to the person you are,
without changing beyond comparison.
But it is all good, do not fret for your prince is coming, he is coming quite soon.
Stay true to yourself, and be who you are,
if no one will take you just as you are it is all their lost and none of yours.

In the portrait of life, there is nothing as clear as confident person who shines like a star.
No matter the circumstances, married or not, know who you are and know to stay true.
You are so inspiring it is quite clear, that you have amazing qualities they shine like silver,
Keep your chin and remember that if that someone should come along,
They won’t be painted with you, they will be painted next you.

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Happiness is key for a person to be content with themselves and content with other people.
Joy is required for a person to be happy in circumstances that bring broken hearts.
You have a choice to make, to have these two things, you can be single and miserable or you can be
Single and likeable. The choice is yours. Stay joyful.

Okay, so sure you don’t have anyone to give you flowers on Valentines Day or go Christmas Shopping for
But also, you don’t have to buy anyone anything on Valentines Day or Christmas!
You’re saving money.
You’re outsmarting the rest here.
Enjoy what you like, buy yourself another beer, a new ring, buy yourself flowers!
You owe nothing to anyone,
Cherish this time, and go have some fun!

You know what, you have so many perks
The rest of the coupled world is missing out on
If you would like to lay around in your pajamas all day watching trashy television
You can do that, without checking in with anyone or lying about it!
If you want to start a new life in a new city
You can do that, without having to made a decision together or hurt anyone’s feelings
You answer to yourself and yourself alone
That is a beautiful and empowering thing, enjoy this time!

Don’t ever think you’re
Less of yourself
For simply not sharing your life with someone else
This is just false
You’re completely you
You can reinvent yourself everyday too
No one to check in with
And no one to nag
You can take this world on, all by yourself!
You’re strong and independent
You’re doing it all,
Don’t feel like you’re not as good as that couple you saw in the mall
You’re better, you’re stronger
You have all the freedom in the world
Love will come find you, but right now
Enjoy the joy of loving yourself!

Once again, your grandma asks if
you’re seeing someone
And once again yo to say no with a
half smile on your face
But do not despair my good friend
You’ll find love if you want
Until then, enjoy the single life

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Most of your friends are trying to set
you up
With someone you might hit it off
Your friends assume you’re not
happy being alone
That’s not the truth
Stay single and happy until you’re
ready to settle down

People assume that there’s a
sadness around you
Because you are single and not
looking for true love
But you know that you are the
happiest you have ever been
And all you need is your happiness
until you want a relationship

I can never be happier because I am
so free. My time is all mine, I do
want I want at any time. It’s good
good to be single and not searching

I didn’t know I did not need a guy to
be complete. When I stopped
looking for one and focussed on myself, I felt so complete and happy.

Being single and happy is the only
the greatest gift anyone can give
himself. Enjoy your single days
because when married you can
not have it back

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Now that I am single
I can just be me
I don’t have to please another
I can just be free
I can stay out late and party
Or sleep in bed till noon
I am happy and I am single
I hope this doesn’t end too soon
Being Single Rocks!

Being single sucks
Is what I hear friends say
But I think it is awesome
I can have things my own way
I don’t need another person
To make me feel fulfilled
In fact I am more satisfied
And definitely more chilled
Here’s to the single life

I know I always pout and moan
When I am single, on my own
But actually I must confess
Being single is the best
I like my freedom, my tidy place
This single life is really ace!
I’ve got my looks and I’ve got my health
But for now I’m happy by myself
Being Single Is Great!

I know that I don’t need a man
to be happy the way I am.
It’s pleasant not to wait the hour
to have a chance to use the shower.
I love that I can have the spread
of full width of my bed.
I’m happy to find all my stuff
exactly where I last left off.
I am happy and I am free
and so content to just be me.

I don’t think I need a partner
to enjoy the sound of laughter.
I don’t think I need a lover
to lead the way or to discover.
I don’t think I need a wife
to have a happy, fulfilling life.
I don’t think I need a husband
to try to be all that I wasn’t.

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I think the most important thing
it the kind of love I bring
to the confines of this heart
without living in the dark.
To be a friend to myself
is more important and it helps
remind me what really matters
that me, myself and I are happier.

The single life
is full of friends
that you can split
your time between
and not worry
about devoting it all
to just one person.
The single life
is full of freedom
to flirt and mingle
to have your own brand of fun.

To be single can be lonely
if relationships abound
around you.
But to “love” for the sake
of having a love –
to stay with a person
you still makes you lonely –
is not a path to happiness.

Joy comes in late nights
and late mornings,
waking at your leisure
to attend your whims
and fantasies.
Flit about the world
like a butterfly
and bask in the sunlight
as you enjoy the sweet nectar
of all you can see.

You’ve got yourself, and you’ve got your friends
You’ve got your family, and that’s enough for now
You don’t need a special someone
At least not now
Do what you want, follow your dreams
And let that special someone come to you!

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You are single and that’s great
You don’t need someone to be you
You are a great person, just by yourself
Now here’s a few things you can do
Do a silly dance, sing out loud
And love yourself, just be proud!

There’s nothing wrong with being single
It’s a time to love who you are
To see yourself
And know that you’re a star
It’s a time to focus on being you
And not what someone wants you to be
To appreciate the little things
To take a breath and see
How wonderful you are

Over time as a couple
You become half of a whole
Half of decisions
Half of possessions
Half of a relationship
Half of a life
Over time when you’re single
You become all of a whole
All of your decisions
All of your possessions
All of your relationships
All become your life

Single to mingle
And meld in the fold
You can do what you want
Without being told
“No you can’t”
‘Cause you can
Without any doubt
‘Cause you’re dating yourself
So go take yourself out

There’s more to love
Than just two-by-two
It’s also about time for yourself
About caring for you
Duets are okay
When in sung in harmony
But when you’re singing solo
You have a chance to be free

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Being on your own is a great part of life
Learning about yourself and how to live right
What you like and who you are
This knowledge will take you far
So take a leap of faith
And know that everything will be okay

So you found out that he wasn’t the one
The break up may have been bad
But the best is what’s next to come
Independence and self-sufficiency
You will grow and you will flourish
Care for yourself
And take this time to discover the love that is inside you

It’s important to be able to be on your own
Before you’ll ever be able to be with someone else
So take your bucket list off of the shelf
Learn something about you
And take time for yourself
This time is for you

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