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Baby Shower Wishing Well Poems

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

Below you will find a carefully crafted list of messages for your special occasion:

Congratulations on your bundle of joy,
May your child laugh early at every joke and toy
May your house fill with more patter of little feet
Cherish these moments, fleeting and sweet

For your baby I wish a full and blissful life, one in which your child will shine and thrive–erupting from your little star of graceful promise to a comet of life, success and light.

Wishing you a beautiful baby shower
Filled with excitement and joy
We are counting down the days
Until your new baby boy

Your baby is almost here
So now the advice is here to stay
On this day I want to say congratulations
And I wish you well in your journeys of parenthood

As you prepare to welcome
Your little on to the world
Make sure you get plenty of sleep!
Best wishes to you and your new bundle of joy

Smiles are on your face. Your nerves seem to be working overtime. This can only mean that God has blessed you. Congratulations on the baby you are welcoming!

Congratulations on your new baby,
You’ll have lots of fun – just you wait and see.
I wish you happiness and love,
And guidance from up above.

Today we are celebrating
In the creation of a little someone
Sending love and wishes
Congratulations your life will now be filled with happiness and baby drools

Baby bouncing in the womb, two happy parents to boot. Wishing you all well as your family grows down from the root.

Today is a special celebration
In the creation of a little someone
Sending love and wishes
For those ten little toes
and happy giggles

Babies are miracles from up above
They are cute and loving
Their smiles and laughs light up the room
When I see you I know your baby will be amazing just as you are today

A baby on the way, mom on her toes. I hope this helps in any way, anything goes they say. Baby is here to stay. Hey, the baby is worth having, anyway! Enjoy your baby shower!

This tiny little person who’s coming to you, Will bless you with love that’s forever true.

The happy day is almost here
I know that you can’t wait
You’ll be the finest Mommy yet
Your baby’s blessed fate

So much love is headed your way, All the pride and joy, The excitement only gets more intense, Once you find out if it’s a girl or a boy!

A baby is a blessing that beings so much joy into the world. As you welcome your bundle of joy into your lives,

One journey draws to an end; Another exciting time about to begin; From partners to parents; Is just a few letters switched; But partners to parents; Is so much more than this; The bonding with a new being; The protecting of a babe; The guidance of creation; The love that can never be unmade.