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Anniversary Poems and Verses for Parents

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

Below you will find a carefully crafted list of messages for your special occasion:

Two rings intertwined, names written with flourishes
Hang steady together above this family for years
The names on those rings are those of my mom and dad
Many more years together, you beautiful gal and handsome lad!

My parents, my guardians, you gave me life, protecting me from harm and strife, giving me love and soothing my heart, of me you shall always be a part. Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad.

As we grew up
We saw your love grow each day
You have taught us so much
About love and life
We hope your day is very special
Have a wonderful anniversary

Mom, Dad you both have inspired my belief
My belief in love has come from both of you
Now from this day forward know this one thing
You will always be the ones who taught me how to love

The love you two share
Is an example of what a marriage should be
May you have many more years together
Happy Anniversary to you

It’s every parents dream to see their children happy. We see the two of you. And are blessed by what has happened. You have become quite the couple. Happy anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to my dear parents.
You’re happiness is something to commence.
You taught me everything I needed to know,
You taught me how to love, you taught me how to grow.

To my loving Parents
Today is your anniversary of love
You have come so far together, I am proud
I wish you all the best for future happiness
Happy anniversary

No happier couple comes close to you. The two I have watched as I grew. And today we celebrate your wedding day. I hope I’m this happy with my love one day.

My wonderful parents
I hope today is filled with joyous memories
I hope your life together
Continues to create much more happiness
Happy anniversary

Mom, Dad you have always been there for me
You are my inspiration in all of love and hope
Both of you have taught me what it means
To hold onto what means to you the most

Your love stands the test of time. You did not give up on each other during the difficult times. You have each other’s hand to hold when you grow old. Happy Anniversary!

Your love is an example of pure hearts together. We witness this love that will last forever.

Mom and Dad you’ve always been
My rocks and I so love you
On this your anniversary day
Be blessed by God above you

Congratulations on another year together! The love you share can be seen by all, Your happiness is contagious to those around you

You two are prime examples of the kind of relationship I could only hope to have one day. I see the love in your eyes, You thrive on honesty and avoid lies. On this day, I hope that your

I; Just want; To wish you; Both a happy; Anniversary, on this special day.