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Anniversary Poems and Verses for Husband

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

Below you will find a carefully crafted list of messages for your special occasion:

So many years together,
How many? A thousand?
Tease all you want, but you should know
With you, I’d spend a million,
Rain, sleet, or snow

My mate, my man, my better half, you make me cry joyfully, you make me laugh. I treasure each moment we spend together–just know, my darling, that I’m yours forever.

The one true love of my life
I am so glad to be your wife
The day we met was the best day
I love you in every way
Happy Anniversary

You are the man I have always waited for
You are all I have every wanted
On this day I am letting you know
You are always the holder of my heart

Although we have been together many years,
I still feel a rush of excitement when I see you.
Here’s to many more years together!
Happy Anniversary husband!

My momma always prayed I’d find a godly man. A man who could raise children. One who’d understand. I found a guy who fits my dreams. Thanks for all these years of marriage.

You have stood by my side through every obstacle.
You have made all my dreams become possible.
You fill my life with love and happiness.
My love for you is difficult to suppress.
You belong to me, and I to you.
Together, we can make it through.

My one and true husband
Today we are celebrating another Anniversary
Always in my heart until eternity
Close together we shall remain
With our palms connected tightly

Some women get lucky. Some women search years. You are the man who brought me to tears. When I walked down that aisle and said I do. That day, that year, I treasure with my husband, that’s you.

To my beloved husband,
Today is another anniversary to celebrate
The sweet love we have created
Please stay always close
With our hearts sealed together

You are my rock that holds me down
You are my strength that always comes through
You are my inspiration for all things I need
You are my love and you always will be

You are a gift, an unexpected gift. There is nothing more I can ask. In love and joy, I bask! Happy Anniversary!

Your love is warm. Your love is kind. I will be yours till the end of time.

The preacher said, “Do you take this man”
And I so fast assented
The years have caused us both to age
My love has ever ended.

I am so happy we found each other, To share this life we lead, An anniversary is proof that we love and cherish each day, That we really do make a great team

Having you in my life through the years has been the greatest blessing. I truly believe our love is never ending. You still give me Goosebumps when we kiss, when you are not round I feel like something’s amiss. I love you hubby and you are my one and only. Happy anniversary.

I still remember, our first date; The warning my father gave you; That we could not return late. I remember our first kiss; The smell of the air that night; I remember our first tryst; In the candlelight. I remember when you proposed; All those years ago. I’ll remember today; On our anniversary.