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Anniversary Poems and Verses for Girlfriend

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

Below you will find a carefully crafted list of messages for your special occasion:

In the warmth depth of your eyes,
I float, a willing prisoner
In the comfort of your tender embrace,
I sleep as easily as a babe in a cradle rocked
In the true meaning of this day,
I tell you I love you now and forever

The girl of my dreams is here in my arms, to mystify me with all her charms; her wit, her beauty, her laugh, her heart, make me always want to be a part, of the wonderful woman that’s you.

Beautiful and smart
You have the key to my heart
I love being with you each day
You are perfect in every way
You make me a very happy boy
Thanks for all the joy

Being with you makes me grin
Every moment with your brings me closer
Closer to the truth I have always held within
The truth that you bring out from my soul

Today I celebrate the love I have for you,
I cherish you and our time together
Here’s to many more years together.
Happy Anniversary to my girlfriend!

Time seemed to have gone by so fast. Too fast for many to tell. You have been the most amazing girl. I couldn’t find another. Happy anniversary to that other half of me.

Thank you for seeing into my heart.
From you, I never want to depart.
You are so intelligent and beautiful,
And every day with you feels better than usual.

As beautiful as when I first met you
Today is another anniversary
Proves our dedication together
Our love is free
With you my special girl
Nothing does compare.

Some think it’s crazy, but I call it love. That you have been mine for this long. I look forward to tomorrow with you by my side. My boyfriend, my love.

We shared our young love
In the past and present
But today proves many years on
That our teenage love has created
A special place in my heart
For you always my special girl

I love you more than words can say
I love you more each and every day
You are my sunshine, you are my love
My life is so much better when I am with you

You are like a vision of love. You came into my life when I thought I wasn’t looking for love. Happy Anniversary!

Your lips are sweet. Your eyes are warm. I’ll shelter you from every storm.

I cherish you with all my heart
I’ll shout it from the mountain
Your lips, your touch, to know you’re mine
My love is like a fountain

You surprise me every day, With your thoughtful caring words, Thank you for being so good to me, And for keeping me encouraged

My one and only love, I am so glad that we are together. I wouldn’t picture my life without you in it – never. So as we celebrate this milestone in our lives today, I want you to know I love you and Happy Anniversary!

One year ago, seems like yesterday; I’ve lost tracked of time, since you’ve been with me; Every day is a joy; It’s such sweet perfection; I love you more and more; On this special occasion.