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Anniversary Poems and Verses for Boyfriend

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

Below you will find a carefully crafted list of messages for your special occasion:

On this, our anniversary, I turn to you and say
Baby, through every month and all the days
You made me feel special, just like a queen of old
Thank you for being kind, caring, and bold

My man, my friend, the guy of my dreams, I love you by all and any means, I care about and adore this man–I’m not only your girlfriend, I’m your biggest fan.

You are my prince
The light of my life
I feel like a princess
With the love of my life
Our love is true
I am so glad I met you

A man of few words, a man of strong looks
A man who knows how to express love
A man who always tells me the truth
No matter what I will always love you

Our anniversary is a special day,
I wish to celebrate you in every way
May our love grow stronger
Happy Anniversary

I count the days you’ve had my heart. And soon it turned into a year. You still blow me away. The man that you are and the man you have become by being my boyfriend.

You protect me from the unknown.
One day I hope to sit with you at your throne.
You are sweeter than pretty much anything.
You are my love, my life, my Prince Charming.

To the man who I love so much
We are celebrating our anniversary today
Such Devoted love we have made
I would not change it for the world

Since that first day that you came in my life. You’re all I’ve wanted. Someday I hope you’ll be my wife.

A special note for my beloved boyfriend
Today is our anniversary to celebrate
The time we have shared
With the love we created
Dream continuously we have many more to come

You came into my life when I needed you the most
You came into my heart with open arms
You came into my soul with love and care
I come to you with my words or our love and my commitment to you

You are like Prince Charming, indeed. To a peasant girl in need. Happy Anniversary!

Your arms are my comfort. Your words are so true. I am so thankful God brought me to you.

The day you asked me to be yours
Is a memory that I cherish
My love, respect, and warm warm thoughts
Will never EVER perish

Darlin’ I love you, You know that it’s true, Today marks another year, Lets always trust and renew

Finding a man is easy, but finding a gentleman is rare, The love you show me and how much you care, I am your forever I am not going anywhere. You are everything I needed and more, Happy Anniversary baby , hope we will celebrate many more.

To my dear boyfriend; Happy anniversary; Our love’s eternal.