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Anniversary Messages for Sister

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

Below you will find a carefully crafted list of messages for your special occasion:

A sentimental day to truly cherish- these are enchanted moments of love’s vision: A day for romanticism to relish.

I looked on with sublime pride, sister, when the scrappy, playful sis I knew as a child grew up to become a beautiful bride. Now I look on with equal happiness as you and your husband celebrate the radiant anniversary of your divine union. Happy anniversary, Sis.

To my lovely sister and best friend; You are a true joy to behold and I am thankful that you share that with someone as special as you are!

You came into the world full of hope and cheerfulness. You brightened all our days with your presence. You shared my morals and values while adding your own unique perspective, sense of meaning and creativity to our lives. On your Anniversary I wish you all the best and many more.

We’ve been together through thick and thin, the best of friends. We grew up together, we cried together, and laughed together. But now I’ve watched you grow and love with someone else, and I couldn’t be happier for you. Happy anniversary sis

What a joyous day for you on the anniversary of your [insert event name]. Our family is so proud of you and happy for your achievement.

I’m glad you found someone who can protect you almost as good as me. Just remember, I’ve still got your back. Happy anniversery

To my dearest and sweetest, I hope you feel like a princess on your special day. Have a very happy and lovely Birthday!

I used to wish you would move away. Then, you got married and did sister of mine. I hope you have a great day as you celebrate another year of marriage.

No matter the journey that lays ahead, you two will go on together conquering it all. May you face each bump with grace. Happy Anniversary you two!

Happy Anniversary, my dear sister. You deserve to be with a man who loves you more than anything and who makes all your dreams come true. I am so happy you found that special man. Congratulations.

Remember when we used to chat about cute boys, and braid each other’s hair? I hope your husband does that now!! Happy Anniversary!!

Wishing you, sister a Happy Anniversary! Go out and celebrate!

I am so happy for you that you have found this everlasting love. May each year the two of you have together bring you all of the happiness in the world.

Happy anniversary, sis. Hope he likes living with you more than I did.

Happy anniversary sis! Much love and continued happiness to you both!

Congrats on your anniversary sis, many never have the honor, so drink up and celebrate tonight, but not so much that you’ll regret it tomorrow

To My Sister, I Am Happy That I Was Able To Make Your ‘Happily Ever After’ A Reality, I Wish You And Your Prince Charming Many More Blissful Years Of Marriage.

Happy Anniversary! It makes me happy to see a gal like you with a guy like him.

Just the other day we were children playing in the yard and now, here you are celebrating your anniversary. May you enjoy this day to the fullest . I love you sis. Happy anniversary.

Congratulations on celebrating another wonderful year sis.

Happy Anniversary to a wonderful woman I am proud to call Sister.