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Animal Poems

Who doesn’t love animals? They’re furry, cute, and make us feel loved. While there may be a select few individuals who are not actively seeking out poems that celebrate our furry friends, the rest of can enjoy the refreshing words on this page. Animals are an important part of our lives and without them, the world would not be the same. Here you can find a variety of poems that will be appreciated by many animal lovers. You may even be tempted to seek out a poem that speaks to you on a personal level. Just make sure that you don’t spend so much time “wandering” that you forget why you came to this page. If you spend a lot of time looking around, that’s okay. Just make sure you don’t walk away empty handed. With the variety of animals that surround us as well as the wonderful words that can be spoken about them, there is no shortage of exquisite animal poems that are here to help you fully express your love for them. This website is here to help you out when you have an abundance of love towards these beautiful creatures, but you might not exactly have the right words to express how you feel. So allow yourself to take a look around and see if anything in particular “speaks” to you.

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

There once was a spider, who was stuck in the rain
He had no shelter to run to
So he climbed into a drain
But, down poured water
That soon flushed him out
That spider was so stubborn, without a doubt
He stretched his eight legs, than ran really fast
Till made it back in there
He was safe at last

There once was a cow, on an old acre farm
Who was missing a leg, yet he trotted along
In the green field grass
Such a funny looking cow
He would make us all laugh
Not even realizing how
He never did mind, of how different he looked
Such a silly cow
One for the books

Little bird, little bird
Why do you fly away?
Just stay a little longer
All I want to do is play
I know I have sharp claws
And at times I do hiss
But your company is much needed
Let me tell you this

He is a giraffe so big and tall.
And the rest of the animals look so small.
He can run very fast. And kick other animals into the past.
His neck can reach so high. And his head can almost touch the sky.
He is cute to look at. And he might be even fun to pet.

Just as cats need love and affection,
They need their claws for protection.
They also love to scratch and climb and play with other cats in the backyard
They need to feel free and become the animals that they were meant to be

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A young boy and his puppy grew up together.
Happily they played in all kinds of weather.
That boy was worried about the puppy’s health. He loved that puppy to death.
The dog was 14 years old when he died.
On that day, a young man cried and cried.

Tall and skinny
Long and thin
Stubby horns
And spotted skin
Big brown eyes
And cloven feet
Running through
The arid heat
Munching leaves
In treetops high
Deadly foe
Who lurk nearby
A gentle soul
Who does no harm
A child’s plush toy
A good luck charm

The full moon shines upon the bay
The pack is stalking covert pray
Running through the mountain pass
Silent footfalls moving fast
Terror frozen in the air
Circling a musty lair
Fear excites the frenzied hounds
Captured prey upon the ground

She knows me better than anyone else
She chose me when she was a pup
She’s patient and loving all the time
And always knows what’s up
I love my dog more than anyone else
She makes my life complete
She’s loyal and fun all the time
And always licks my feet

A dog wag its tail in response to any form of happiness
Of such a Dog am I reminded of how peaceful life would be if we could treat one another in such accord.
Mans’ known best friend due to its relations, loyalty, and companionship with human
they have ones’ back, mimics emotions, and a shoulder to cry on at times.
Get yourself a best friend, a Dog.

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The lion is a muscular, deep-chested cat with a short, rounded head, a reduced neck and round ears.
It roars as if he can scare the thunderstorm,
no other animals dare to come across its path,
always ready to hunt down anything that comes it way,
King and ruler of the African jungle.

The goat is one of the highly intelligent animals that lives in rocky mountains,
smarter than the average human being,
Curious animal known for eating everything, but eat plant materials to stay healthy,
Kept by humans for its milk and meat, and noted for its lively behaviour

Your main flies in the wind as you take me across the field,
Majestic, as if we were in a movie.
Strong and swiftly you hurdle the hay bales,
A true American beauty.
Faster and faster as if we were being chased,
Neighing with delight.
The sun is setting just in time
And the barn is in sight.

You prefer fluffy blankets over your bed
And love to cuddle on the weekend.
You don’t like to be pet on your head,
But you do love a good scratch on your back end.
You might not be a normal dog,
But I love you anyways.


The curiosity inside of you is almost child like
You are not afraid of us humans.
Your gold eyes are attentive
Watching us from the other side of the fence.
Your tail slowly wags,
You are calm and fearless.
The black stripes again your orange body are vibrant,
Your markings allow the zookeeper to call you by name.
You listen and saunter away from us.

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Wild horses in the night,
What a vision, what a sight.
Oh sweet freedom it must be,
To run as if with wings.
With moonlit glow upon their
There is magnificent mystery
To this deep twilight.
Oh the wild horses in the night.

Way up in the sky,
Soaring on the breeze.
Wings spread wide,
Gliding with ease.
Feathers ruffled in the wind,
My dive will soon begin.
Eyes gleaming, searching for
Grasslands teeming with mice
of grey.
Darting through the underbrush,
Catching movement in my
Swooping, snatching, grabbing,
Taking my prey without a fight.

Grasses tall, movement slight,
Quiet, Quiet.
Eyes shine gold, muscles bunched,
Waiting, waiting.
Sun is bright, it appears,
Watch, Watch.
Stripes of black, prey is near,
Ready, Ready.
All is silent, body springs,
Pounce, pounce.
Prey is caught, the game begins,
Play, play.

The unconditional love
That an animal can provide
Will enable the distress
Within your heart to subside.
They bring us lots of joy
And rid us of our pain
They fill us with excitement.
Best of all, they keep us sane.

Pets, they are the best.
They comfort those who are down.
They seek to love, without question.
They serve as man’s best friend.
They cuddle up and show us love
And refuse to let us frown.
Pets, they are the best.

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The love of a furry friend
Sometimes seeps deeper
And to a further end
Than any human being.
They love without hesitation
And surely without requirements
There is nothing quite comparable
To the love of an animal.

Animals are great and fun,
And we all love them,
From here until the sun.

Long limbed with a tail
perfect for grasping.
I chatter as I grab a rounded coconut from a
nearby limb.
Leaves rustle above as I keep my treasure safe.
Smiles greet me from above.
I get ready to drop my coconut below.

Porpoises playful as the sea
surf waves in style as if playing tag.
Silly, they splash in cool green tides
Pulsing their bodies move along the shoreline-
gulls caw a gleeful greeting.
Graceful as ballerinas they dance
in the sea.

Tigers’ eyes shine in the grass; They’re big and round like made of glass; Waiting to pounce upon their prey; Their stripes are hidden,at night or day; Although they bring impending doom; There are no tigers in your room!

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Giraffes have tall necks; They can reach high places; They have very long legs; And very long faces; You might never grow up; As tall as they are; But you’re a special child to me; The biggest, brightest, shining star!

Monkey see and monkey do; I’m a monkey, and so are you; Chittering, chattering, and swinging from trees; You’ve never seen monkeys as happy as these; Eating bananas or on the run; Let’s all be monkeys and have some fun!

A precious pink nose
Sweet big green eyes
My little, lovable kitten
Purring and curling up on my lap
His whiskers tickle me
As we cuddle together
He strikes a sweet pose
Never shy of the camera
I take pictures to keep
Memories of my sweet kitten
Who keeps me company
When I feel that I’m on my own
With my sweet kitten
I will never have to be alone

Giraffes, Elephants, Lions
So many animals to see at the zoo
You can even feed some too!
Monkeys, Zebras, Penguins
So many fun things to see see and do
Lemurs, Baboons, Tigers
I can’t wait till I can go back to the zoo!

There is no love as pure and tender
Than the sloppy kiss of a puppy
The gentle wagg of their tale
The wobble of their legs when they first learn to walk
May you have unconditional love and unbreakable bond with your new dog

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a cat asleep
so fluffy and orange
a nose as wet as snow
ears pink and pointed
a tail so bushy and bright
eyes that just popped open
a yawn so big and strong
claws sharp like talons
so purr kitty purr

oh parrot oh parrot
a color so bright
a beak made for eating
feet made for holding
oh parrot oh parrot
on my shoulder you fly
repeating my words
a hey here a hey there
oh parrot of parrot
you complete me so

dog so small and loud
a bark here a bark there
there goes your toy
across the room it flies
little paws go sliding
down the long hall
a leash a collar
a walk down the road
a bark for your shadow
so big and bold

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lost cat
saw a cat today,
furthermore, goodness that cat was lost;
He took a chance with his young life
with everystreet he crossed.
I wanted that he may figure
I offered cordiality!
That my entire being had connected with him.
And after that God made him trust me and he notice my call

My dog wont quit talking.
he just makes clamors night and day.
My pooch hangs tight for me to talk,
and afterward he duplicates each word
or on the other hand beseech me for a wafer
I don’t know what to do, thus
I attempt to tolerate it.
He’s been like this since yesterday;
that is the point at which he ate my parrot.”

my pet bird is so sweet
what such bliss they bring every day
one take a gander at her sweet face delete any hints of bitterness away
who could question that she is savvy
how would you right the little animal
at the point when her jokes take after a satire highlight.
tomorrow is one more day begining with a delicate sweet tune.
this unending affection must be found in my winged creature