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60th Birthday Wishes

“It feels really good when you look back at life, seeing how far you have come, you realize that you are probably not just an ordinary human. You Are A Superhuman. HAPPY 60TH BIRTHDAY”

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

Before we continue with the 60th Birthday Wishes illustrations. There’s something you should understand about 60th birthdays distinct from 30th Birthday wishes and 50th Birthday Wishes as we had written earlier.

At 60, someone is deemed to have gone very far in life – 60 years is an advanced age. So, as a result of this understanding, the expectations in the kind of messages a person celebrating his or her 60th birthday will appreciate would most probably take a new turn. Earlier while discussing, 30th Birthday Wishes, we made it clear, a certain factor that will determine the kind of messages you will send to a 30th birthday celebrant that will most likely resonate with the person, and we further stated that the rationale is largely the same with regard to 50th Birthday. However, though the gap between 50th birthday and 60th birthday isn’t so high, the spat of perception is essentially in disparity.

What should 60th Birthday Wishes look like?

  • 60th birthday wishes should sound thankful
  • Rather than focusing on inspiring the celebrant for more adventure, it should mostly encourage the celebrant to appreciate life and be happy.
  • One interesting mantra to bear in mind while writing a 60th birthday message is “Count Your Blessings”.
  • Note that not everyone is fearful of turning 60. Some actually look forward to it, so take the individual into consideration while drafting or choosing a 60th birthday wish.
  • Then, don’t forget that there are always opportunities to catch regardless of age. Sometimes 60th birthday wishes may be a reminder of prospect.

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Overall, the kind of 60th birthday wishes you send largely depends on the personality of the individual and your relationship with the person.

Samples of 60th Birthday Wishes

(Birthday Wishes for a 60 Year Old Lady)

Life is what you make of it. Shades of Rainbow or colored dark or white, the sky bears witness to every single step of your feet on the soil of this earth for the past 60 years. Elegant lady and independent at heart, your feats are remarkable, you are worth celebrating a thousand times. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ma.

(Birthday Wishes for 60 Year Old)

When you turn 60 years old, it shows that you are in good communion with nature, that the universe submits to your conquest. Your life is a tale of testimonies. I wish you long life in good health of mind and Body. HAPPY 60TH BIRTHDAY.

(Birthday wishes for 60 year Old Boss)

Smart in thoughts, firm in decision, clever in action. If your life were to replay like a movie, I would love to watch how you build your formidable character. My Boss, My Mentor…I wish you even greater heights. HAPPY 60TH BIRTHDAY SIR!

(Birthday Wishes for 60 year Old Brother)

Can’t Keep Calm… It’s my Big Brother’s Birthday today! On this occasion of your 60th Birthday, I want to let you know that the best is yet to come. May your children’s Children bring you tons of smiles, and may you find resuscitating company in your old age. The whole family celebrates you today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

(Birthday Wishes for 60 year Old  Friend)

The dawn of today came with this unusual joy, and it dawn on me that it was my bosom friend’s birthday. We have passed decades through thick and thin and I am proud that we have emerged victorious. On this occasion of your 60th birthday, I wish you greater accomplishments, and greater glories. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GREAT FRIEND.

(Birthday Wishes for 60 year Old  Woman)

Women are blessings unto men, they regenerate life and rejuvenate the whole essentially of living. You are an awesome women, more than a blessing. As you grow older always remember that every single moment you have spent has never ceased to be impactful to the people around you. We are more than happy to celebrate your 60th Birthday. Wishing you many healthy years ago. HAPPY 60TH BIRTHDAY.

(Birthday Wishes for Husband Turning 60 Before)

I lived every moment of our youthful years hoping for that year when we will both celebrate our birthdays in grey hairs and cheers from our grandchildren will fill the air. Honey, your 60th Birthday is a dream come through for me. Above all things, I wish you longevity, I wish sound health and I wish you happiness now and always. HAPPY 60TH BIRTHDAY MY HUSBAND.

(Birthday Wishes for Someone Turning 60 years)

Birthdays deserve a flashback: 1,892,160,000 seconds, 31,536,000 minutes, 525,600 hours, 21,900 days, 3,120 weeks, 720 months, and 60 years are the amazing periods of your life on earth. You created moments that no one can forget, you achieved feats that everyone thought was impossible, you touched lives, and today I celebrate your invincibility and I wish you many more years ahead. Age with grace, HAPPY 60TH BIRTHDAY.

(Dad’s 60th Birthday Wishes)

My superman is born today. Today, 60 years ago, was the beginning of my beginning. As you mark your 60th Birthday today, I want say emphatically that I could never have asked for another you. You have been my father, my brother, my friend, and my everything. I thank God for you, and I pray that you reach the limits of your aspirations in life, Dad. HAPPY 60TH BIRTHDAY.

(Mom’s 60th Birthday Wishes)

My superwoman is born today. Today, 60 years ago, was the beginning of my beginning. As you mark your 60th Birthday today, I want say emphatically that I could never have asked for another you. You have been my mother, my sister, my friend, and my everything. I thank God for you, and I pray that you reach the limits of your aspirations in life, Mom. HAPPY 60TH BIRTHDAY.

Above are a few guides to writing a 60th Birthday Wish for almost anyone. The categories of persons you can adapt these patterns of messages to are almost limitless. When writing a 60th Birthday Wish, bear in mind that you are writing for someone who has seen life for decades and has had a lot of experiences – the good, the bad, the ugly. You tailor your message in such a way that it will capture the person’s life and times. Birthday wishes that are personal are always the best in effect. So, go ahead, create your own 60th birthday wishes. Let your loved ones know that you are thinking about them.