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30th Birthday Poems

Okay, so what. You’re not in your twenties anymore, but that’s still no reason not to celebrate. The thirtieth birthday marks the true beginning of adulthood. New jobs, marriages, and families are among some of the features of this new aspect of life. It is important that this monumental progression in life is celebrated properly. Send your friend a poem from this batch to show just how much you really care. Poems from this post include content that is sweet, caring, funny, and sentimental. Don’t miss this opportunity to show just how much you care on this special day.

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You’ve reached quite the milestone.
But you’ve still got a ways to go.
You’ve come quite a ways,
But you still got ways to grow
So enjoy your 30th birthday,
Because tomorrow, you can’t take it slow!

Life is an adventure, before you bones start to creak
At 30 you’re young, you haven’t started to reek.
So take life by the horns, you’ve still ways to grow.
When adventures awaits, take it by the horns and go!

10’s too young, 50’s too old,
30’s the perfect age, you’ve really struck gold
When you’re body starts aging,
And your bones start breaking,
Make sure to smile,
Because 30’s the best age for a while!

Today is your birthday so we come to spread cheer,
To bring you some love and comfort your fears.
For your life is meaningful, and today is the day that you finally realize how happy we are to call our friend.
Happy Birthday we love you so much.

High heels are awesome, cupcakes are tasty today is the day I hope you make crazy.
I want you to know I love you so and today on your birthday I celebrate you.
May there be food, fun and lots of good friends, because today is the first day of the best years of your life. Happy Birthday.

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Come one come all come celebrate you, today is a day all just for you.
Your 30th birthday we hope is all grand,
Enjoy this day for it is just the beginning of an adventure that last the rest of your life.
Happy Birthday dear man, enjoy all your plans.

You can run, but you can’t hide…
Or, you used to be able to run
You know, back in your twenties
But now it is here
You can hide no more
The thirties have come
They’ve brought fast hangovers and slow metabolism
But also, they’ve brought brunch to pair with those hangovers
And self confidence your twenties couldn’t provide
So have the extra piece of cake today,
Who cares? You’re 30!

On the roller coaster of life
You’re no longer in the butterfly in the belly ride of your twenties
And not yet over the hill
You’re in-between
In between being too old and too young
Don’t fret, now your just right!
You’re old enough to know better
But still young enough not to care
So let your hair down, dance around, and enjoy the extra piece of cake.
Happy 30th!

Age is just a number, right?
So what if you’re not one of those “young people” anymore
Your heart is young as you make it
So today
Keep it young
Dance like no one’s watching
Drink too much
Over eat
And go to bed late
It will probably be one of the last times you do so, because tomorrow
When your 30 year old body wakes up hungover, exhausted, aching, and bloated…
Your heart won’t feel so young.
Enjoy your 30th!

Today is a new beginning now that
you are getting closer to middle age
But you should not hate it my good
Embrace it, they say thirty is the
new twenty
And have the fun you deserve
Happy 30th birthday

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Happy big 3-0 my good friend
While this may seem like the worst
birthday ever
But this is the best day ever
Eat the cake that you want,
remember to treat yourself with
something nice
Crack open that bottle of wine
And celebrate yourself on this
glorious day

This is a big day for you
Today you are one day closer to
being over the hill
While this seems like a bad thing
You can have as much fun as you
want because age does not matter
Happy 30th birthday

Many articles talk about many things
you should have done before the
age of thirty. Some say you should
have built a house, others you
should be married with children,
some say have more than one
degree, it goes on and on. I wish you
freedom on your 30th. forget the
demands, be free like a bird.

I wish you 30 million dollars, 30
different houses of yours. 30
different books written by you, 30
different cars, 30 different cakes, 30
thousand gifts, 30 lovely dresses,
30 different awards. This is because
you desire this much on your special 30th birthday.

30 years is equivalent to 360 months
or 15,778,800 minutes. This shows
the level of knowledge you would
have acquired and the level of
experience you would have. No
matter how you wish you had more
than you have right now, remember
you have so much wisdom to give.
Enjoy your 30th birthday.

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Today is a day to remember
As you turn thirty today
Gone are the wilds of your twenties
It’s time to be flirty they say
Let’s have a party to celebrate
This new decade of flirting and fun
But don’t over do it and remember
Next year you’ll only be 31
Enjoy being 30! Happy Birthday

I hear you’re turning 30?
I didn’t have a clue
You look so young and youthful
Is it really true?
Enjoy your brand new decade
Enjoy your special day
Enjoy life while you can, because,
You’ll soon be turning gray.
Happy 30th Birthday

Happy 30th Birthday
No need to look so sad
I know it’s not your 20s
But It’s really not that bad
There are new things to learn
And new places to see
Better do them while you can
Before you turn 40!
Happy Birthday

Many years have come and gone,
to bring you here today,
and 30 years of wisdom earned
that could never fade away.
You have tread so many pastures
and hiked so many mountains,
you have crossed many deserts,
to drink from cooler fountains.
Let this birthday be a flagpole,
that into the sky it reach,
upon which you may hang your knowledge earned and all the memories you keep.
Happy 30th Birthday

Your 30th birthday is a time in your life
to become comfortable yourself,
to be exactly who you are,
and leave nothing on the shelf.
To take pride in what you experienced
and all you have come to learn.
To rejoice in all your accomplishments
that took so much time to earn.
But 30 is just the beginning
of all you are meant to be
so celebrate the person you are
for all the world to see!
Happy 30th Birthday!

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We celebrate a birth today
from 30 years ago
a baby brought into the world
for everyone to hold.
Now you’ve reached a milestone
that shows what you can be
still smiling like the shining sun,
for all the world to see.
Happy 30th Birthday

The uncertainty of the 20s is behind you
and the old age of 40 is far ahead
so enjoy the decade
with the spunk you still have
and the security you’ve earned.
Happy 30th birthday.

30 is the perfect age –
you can drink with refinement
but don’t have to fret about retirement
and you can hold a steady job
and balance a life of fun.

Here’s to 30 years
of life and love!
Of childish games
and responsibility;
of grief and sorrow
and joy and laughter.
30 years young,
and still going strong.
Enjoy your day
as we celebrate
your full life.

Thirty years goes by so fast
And I bet you don’t know where the time went
Everyone is so proud of how far you have come
And we wish you another thirty years of time well spent
Happy Birthday my friend!

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Can you believe
How fast time goes by?
Thirty years and look how much you’ve achieved
Your family and friends are all so proud
And to tell you
I’ve brought with me a crowd
Happy Birthday
To a beloved thirty year old

Thirty years have come and gone
In what seems like the blink of an eye
We want to celebrate how much we love you
And we of course don’t have to tell you why
Happy birthday to a very good friend
We love you from here until the end

Here’s to thirty years of love
Thirty years of life
Thirty years of laughter
Thirty years of that’s rife
With thirty years of stories
Which may seem a long time
But it’s only the beginning
Of a story in its prime

Raise a glass to your thirtieth birthday
For all that you have done
For all you’ll do in the future
And for more birthdays yet to come
And I hope that give or take
Another thirty years
I’ll still be by your side
Toasting you another cheers

All thirty candles
Are lit on your cake
For all thirty years
That were yours to take
So, let’s take on tonight
And let’s take on the world
To celebrate life
With your birthday unfurled

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The big 3-0
It’s been a long way
And quite the journey
But this is not where it ends
Just the beginning
Of novel experiences
And new friends
You’re coming into your own
And my, how you’ve grown

So the time has come
You’re finally thirty
Closing the chapter of youthful years
But fret not, you needn’t worry
For this is not the end, but a new beginning
Of maturity and growth
The years to come will be cherished the most

Thirty feels like you’ve become an adult
Suddenly you’re on your own
And expected to know it all
But on this journey we’re always growing
Loving all and always knowing
That every day is an adventure
So enjoy yourself and be sure to remember
That you’re still learning along this journey

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