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Thank You Poems for Dad

Your father is your greatest teacher in life. From how to walk to how to drive a car, Dad truly has been their for every step of the way. You can always count on your dad to have your back in a pinch and to stand by your side during the turmoils of life. Dads are the most dependable people in our lives, and we would truly suffer with out them. Take a moment to show your dad just how much you care about him and how much you appreciate everything that he has done for you by sending him one of these orignial, touching, poems of gratitude.These poems are a surefireway to show your dad just how much he matters to you and how important his role in your life is. Don’t miss this opportunity to show your dad just how grateful you are for him.

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

Thank you Dad, for all that you do,
You’re always there, to help me get through
Some days are good, and some days are bad,
But you’re always there for me, and for that I am glad.

My dad is great, my dad is tough
When I have a problem, he really knows his stuff
He’s the best dad; he’s the best to be found
I’ll always know, he’s the best dad around.

Thank you Dad, for the being the best dad around.
When I’m in trouble I know, you’re the man to be found
Sometimes I’m disgraceful, and for that I am shameful.
But at the end of the day, I love you to death; I want to be with you, for every last breath

You have given me your time,
You have given me love,
And you have given me more than I could ask for.
Thank you dear Dad for all that you do,
I hope that I too could be just like you.
Thank you dear dad.

Thank you dear dad for all that you do,
I want you to know that I love you.
The stars in the sky, the sun and the moon have nothing on my love for you.
Thank you dear dad, you made it all just fine.

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I am thankful for all that you do,
I hope that you realize I love you too.
When I grow up I hope to turn out to be just like you.
Thank you dad for your time and care.
I know you will always be there.
I love you to the moon and back again
Thank you dad

You’ve always protected me
You chased away the monsters under my bed
Made sure I had training wheels and a helmet
Kept me safe from bullies and such
Made sure to always remind me to wear my seatbelt
You cleaned my scrapes and bruises
Tucked me in with bedtime stories
You’ve sacrificed so much for my happy life
Thank you Dad
For always being there for me.
I love you more than words can say.

For all the late nights up feeding me as a baby
For all the late nights staying up with me when I was
For all the late nights up protecting me from the monsters under the bed
For all the late nights waiting up for me when I broke curfew
For all the worrying, for all the countless hours of lost sleep, for all the times you hugged me
For all the love and sacrifice
For every time I forgot to say it
Thank you Dad, I love you!

You’re a real life superhero
You’ve helped me learn
And you’ve helped me grow
You never let go of my hand when I was scared
You showed me love
You taught me to stand tall
And to always get back up when I fall
You’ve always given me your all
Even when times were tough
You never showed that you were tired
Even when you had been working all day
You always made time to have a catch with me
Thank you Dad
For all the love and memories
I love you!

Thank you for putting up with me
When I wouldn’t quite listen to you
Thank you for listening to me
When I need someone to give me
All that I have done and continue
to do
I want to thank you for your support,

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As a child, you used to read
different stories to me
Filled with characters like kings,
queens and mythical beings
You encouraged my imagination to
And my dreams to soar
For that I am ever thankful
And I love you, my sweet father

Everything you have ever done for
I am forever grateful
From teaching me how to ride my
To teaching me how to drive a car
I give this to show my gratitude
Thank you and I love you

For all the care and attention, I say a big thank you. You are my role
model, my perfect example. You have been more than a father. I can
not ask for more. Happy birthday
loving daddy.

You fed me, clothed me, gave me
gifts, made me know that I am so
special. Today, I want to seize the
opportunity to thank you daddy for
being a special father.

You taught me many things and gave
me such a big opportunity. I am
grateful for all what you taught me
because that is what made me who
I am today,

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You make me feel safe,
You make me feel calm,
You make me feel loved,
And safe from harm.
You make me feel happy,
You are my whole world,
For you are my daddy,
And I’m your little girl.
Thanks For Everything Dad!

You are my rock and anchor,
A shelter from the storm,
A safety port and harbor,
With arms to keep me warm.
You navigate the ocean
And guide me on my way
And walk along beside me
Every single day
Happy Birthday Dad

Dad you are my best friend,
You always understand,
You help me make good choices,
You’re there to hold my hand.
And so upon your birthday,
I hope that you can see,
That you are my true hero,
And mean everything to me.
Have A Wonderful Birthday

Thank you for the love you bring,
deep within my heart it sings.
Thank you for being the man
that I can only hope I am.
Thank you for being the father
that no one else could offer.
Thank you for being the dad
that everyone wish they had!

Thank you for always being there
when I thought that life’s not fair.
Thank you for being supportive
when my future looks distorted,
Thank you for the encouraging words
when feeling good was so unheard.
Thank you for the pick me ups
the laughs, the smiles and all the hugs!

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I appreciate your kindness,
your wisdom and your strength.
I love that you can talk to me about anything, and at great length.
I know that I can look to you
when I am feeling down.
Thank you for the things you do
and always being around.

I cannot thank you enough
for the lessons you have taught me
and the love you have given freely.
I know it was not always easy –
for I know I was difficult –
but I want you to know that I am so grateful
for all you have done for me.

The gift you have given
out of the goodness of your heart
means more to me than I can say.
Not just the gift itself,
but the careful work and generous time
that you put into making me happy
makes it the most perfect gift of all.
Thank you so much for the gift, Dad.

You never fail to rise and conquer.
You always have pulled through
For everything you’ve done for me
and everything you do
I want you to know I’m thankful
to have a dad like you.

How do you even begin to thank
The person who gave you everything?
Maybe you could send a card
Or maybe you could sing?
But that’s not enough,
No I don’t think so
But I guess it’s a start
To say I love you so!

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Thank you Dad
For all that you’ve done
For loving me and pushing me
To not live just for fun
Thank you Dad again
For just being you
You always helped me and kept me going
You always know just what to do

Dad I want to thank you
And tell you what you mean to me
I don’t even know how to begin
But I hope that you’ll see
You’re a bright spot in my life
And I hope that you know
How much I love you
No matter where I go!

You caught me when I fell
You hugged me when I cried
You always taught me well
You were my guardian and my guide
So thank you for all you’ve done
And thank you for all you do
When I think about my heroes
All I think about is you

Where would I be without you, Dad?
What would I even do?
You’ve taught me so many things.
How to know things I never knew.
How to care for people.
How to hold my head up high.
How to always do my best,
Always give new things a try.
But the most important thing I’ve learned
And that I’ve come to see
Is how lucky I’m to have a dad
That loves me just for me.

I’m not the type to argue
Not the type of pick a fight
But I would correct another
If they thought that they were right
To say their dad’s the best
Because that simply is not true
Because I know with all my heart
That the best dad out there is you

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Thank you for all that you’ve done
For all of the laughter and all of the fun
For drying my tears
And fixing my fears
And for all that you have taught me
Thank you for all that you have done for free

Thank you for all that comes with your bearing
You’ve given me life and taught me so much
I’d like you to know that I live life as such
You’ve been my role model since day one
Thanks for everything, especially the fun

To my father:
Thank you
Thank you for all that you do
Thank you for always being there to turn to
Always by myside
You’ve always got my back
You’ve given me anything that I may lack
Thank you dad
I love you to the moon and back

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