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Strong Woman Poems

Sometimes women do not even realize how strong they truly are. Their perceptions of themselves is often overshadowed with what other people think about them. Don’t allow the insecurities that other people speak over you to take root in your life. Instead, think about all of the aspects that make you a strong woman. There are probably more attributes that pertain to this concept than what you realize. Allow these poems to empower you to do great things in life, esspecially when you feel incapable of doing so. We all feel inadequate at times in our life but when we realize how strong we truly are, then nothing will stop us from getting donewhat needs to be done. Perhaps during the process of looking for some inspiration for yourself, you will find yourself reading poems that describe other women in your life. Consider sending them a quick note as well, as they may need some empowerment also. This act will hopefully turn into a ripple effect that will have a positive impact on the many women that surround us.

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

Never bow down, or allow others to fix your crown
Let it shine on its own, see what it has become
Hold hand to hand with all of your sisters
Be confident, be strong
In all the obstacles, woman have overcome
We have more power, like never before
Don’t let them forget, what we were fighting for

What makes a strong woman?
Is a question, some may ask
Take a look at the facts
You carry more than many do
Although times have changed
Their still looking at you
Belief in yourself, is never hard to make
Take pride in being a woman
For all that you take

Never underestimate, what a woman can do
For she does many, more than a few
Never take for granted, what a woman can achieve
For she is more confident, that others believe
Strong minded and witty, charming and fun
Never forget what us woman
Have truly become

There is a fire that burns inside her,
One that can’t be put out easily,
She’s not afraid to speak her mind
She’s the warrior we all dream of becoming
She’s vivacious and determined,
Nothing can stand in her way
Because she has the strength of a woman.

Like a force to be reckoned with, she’s unstoppable
She faces all her problems with a brave face
She never gives up even when the odds are stacked against her
For she knows no other way,
Her soul is ice cold and her bones are made of steel
She wakes up every day with only one goal in her mind,
To conquer the world.

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Her beauty and charisma is overwhelming,
Her light shines brighter than the morning sun,
She is independent and hardworking,
Behind her smile lies a dark secret,
A painful past that forged her character and made her who she is,
A woman of strength

The woman who is strong and bold
Is worth more than her weight in gold
For she’s the one when thing get rough
To redefine the meaning of tough
She is a queen, she is a lioness
That displays her power with finesse

She leads the way fear in her heart
Game face on her life spent apart
Outnumbered, unfazed, unfettered
Life on the line in a world so dark
Brazen in the face of foes
How she feels no one knows
Burdens felt but never honoured
Enlightened soul through darkness shows
A way of life may the world uphold

She crosses your path with a sense of defiance
In her wake walks a loyal alliance
Leading the way to conquer her demons
Combining her foes in majestic allegiance
Forging new paths to slay evil warlords
Protecting the good souls all at her own cost

We know she’s not muscular
And she’s less inclined for “hardwork”
Cos she’s built to be feminine
we then fail to acknowledge her handiwork.
We knoe she’s beautiful
But fail to see past her hips
We see just a wife and a mother
And always give her the home to keep.
We know she’s skilled by nature
But resticts her to the kitchen
Our ladies are not just cooks
Her path does not lie in the dishes
I’m not speaking for equality
I’m not speaking against either
I’m just advocating for a rethink
Once again let’s test the waters.

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It is a mann’s world they clamour
But have they seen a woman work double of what men do
Gone are the days when a woman place is the kitchen or the fragile places
We are taking the lead now
Finding ourselves in forefront, defying th norm
We are bankers, architects, contactors, estate moguls.
We are strong women.

I am a strong woman
you can see the fire
burning in my eyes
it’s not the strength
of a powered muscle
but the hand that is feeding my soul
I am a strong woman
that sees beyond the veil
walking on clouds
as a virtue
they become my cushion
my syllables of words unspoken
carriage of believes
carousel of rainbows
painted upon my heart
become the seal of my energy
I am a strong woman
I stand between the two poles
darkness and light
my arms extended to keep them straight
might comes from most powerful source
I don’t rely on the potency of the flesh
that weakens me with every pore
the power within my only authority
so vivid and immense
I am a strong woman

Strong women intimidate weak men,
They scared them,
Because they can’t handle themselves,
They aren’t comfortable in their own skin.
But strong women don’t need weak men,
They aren’t intimidated by anyone,
They are comfortable in their own thick skin.

Strong, fierce, powerful,
Never taking no for an answer,
Independent, proud, tactful,
Always getting the job done,
Smart, determined, sassy,
Standing up for what she believes in,
Articulate, skilled, precise,
Hustling to make connections,
Loyal, substantial, fresh,
Don’t let anyone stand in her way.

We are,
Strong like Beyoncé,
Caring like Mother Teresa,
Fashionable like Jackie O,
Cunning like Cleopatra,
Outgoing like Ellen,
Determined like Amelia Earhart,
Passionate like Oprah,
Eleanor Roosevelt,
Brave like Rosa Parks,
Respected like Queen Elizabeth I,
Intelligent like Marie Curie,
Inspiring like Helen Keller,
Loyal like Joan of Arc,
Spunky like Annie Oakley.

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Woman are amazing,
With everything they do.
They are strong and brave,
They are built to last.
They make waves in the worlds progress,
And amaze all in their path.
They argue to equality,
And fair pay too.
If you know a strong woman,
You know this is true.

If you know a strong woman,
Then you have seen the proof,
That they are brave and understanding,
and supportive too.
These woman amaze us,
With all they get put through.
But if you know a strong woman,
Then you know she can beat anything,
And makes it look easy, to boot.

Strong woman are all around us,
They fight for equal pay.
They always try to encourage us,
And Help us get on our way.
Strong woman are empowering,
They really show they are brave.
Each one of them band together,
And help progress be paved.

You can do this, I know you can
You have always been independent
And willing to take a stand.
You are a strong woman in my eyes
And everyone else’s too
So please believe me when I say,
“You have got this, boo!”

Your beauty lies within you
Along with your strength
It hasn’t always been easy
But I am proud of you sticking
With what you believe.
You are a strong woman, indeed.

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Your strength is why you are here
Don’t ever forget where you came from
Keep a vision of where you are going.
As you do, you will grow stronger and stronger as a woman,
And realize that your strength was already there.

Greet the day at dawn.
Deep breathe through my nose
now I stand in in power pose.
Putting my needs before all else,
I am strong and sure.
Strength my armor.
Strong you say?
I know I am.
Ready to go my way.

My eyes clear with clarity,
Courageous, curious, calm.
With my confident stride I glide into today.
My words a balm to soothe, sparked mind of energy.
Making every day a miracle just by being me.
This is no person I would rather be.

Speak your truth, sister.
Are there other words powerful as those?
There is only one of you, take pride in all you do.
Determined in your purpose, pull those bootstraps up.
Upon your shoulder’s rides victory.
Hold her up for all to see.

We work all day, and work all night; No matter the hour, we’re in the fight; Life is tougher for us dames; The men sometimes forget our names; We struggle to be heard and seen; Within the cruel corporate machine; But no matter what, we’ll fight for good; We’re an unbreakable sisterhood!

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Giving birth, feeding children; Let’s send our love to all strong women; They fight twice as hard for lesser pay; On sporting fields they come to play; As likely to give a baby its blanket or rattle; As to fight beside men on a field of battle; You won’t quit until the job is done; Your courage inspires everyone!

Mother’s milk, blood, tears, and sweat; Your struggles we won’t soon forget; You’ve fought for the vote, and for military service; Your faces were brave, you never looked nervous; You are as tough in dresses as you are in suits; Or even wearing combat boots; Your strength inspires us all to be better; We’ll follow your examples to the letter!

Every bill, every payment
You always make it on time
Never a late ticket
Paying for the crimes
Others have commited
There are days when
You could have quit it
But you never give in
To all of the stress
Have I mentioned
You look great in a dress
Although you prefer
Workout pants and running shoes
If you were in a fight
There’s not a chance you would lose
When it comes to strong women
You are the one I choose

Never a day goes by that I am not impressed
By your work ethic
The nice way that you are dressed
You always go the extra mile
Presenting your work with a smile
You are a woman who seems to do everything
Knowing you feels like an inspiring dream

Creating your own business
Drawing brilliant designs
You are an extraordinary woman
With a visionary mind
You bring something special
And unique to the table
Always proving with your skills
That you are more than able
An important asset to every job
You are a strong woman
And a great friend that I love

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she wakes up at dawn
fixes breakfast for two
one eats cereal
the other gets ready
for school
the dishes need done
clothes over flowing
she counts to ten
a mom of two
a wife to
a house needing cleaned
a strong woman i see

she sat on the floor
couldn’t take anymore
she covered her face
started crying with grace
she can’t believe it
happened again
she catches her breath
and counts to ten
brushes herself off
and looks within
i got this she says
i know i’m strong
one step or two
i’ll overcome
i’m strong she says today

words can’t break her
actions can’t tell
things all mixed up
in her head
she’s been put through
things not many
could do
she’s been broken
and beat accused of
being a cheat
she’s lost it all
and built it up
she can’t be torn down
she put up her walls
nothing will break her
even when tears fall
nothing can break her
she is strong

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When I take a gander at you, what do I see?
A tough lady glancing back at me,
You have achieved places where nobody figured you could reach.
Your great heart is the length of the shoreline.
You made ready,
For me today.
Presently I am progressively resolved to move toward becoming what I seek to be.
Everybody will perceive what I have made of me.
You are empowering and dauntless,
Continuously prepared for another experience.
Tough ladies don’t play injured individual, don’t make themselves look desolate, and don’t point fingers. They stand and they bargain.
You are as lovely as a blossom in sprout.
You generally show me something new and one of a kind,
I trust you will before long observe the distinction you have made in me.
Influential lady due to you I am as solid as can be

a tough lady is one who feels profoundly and love wildly. her tears stream similarly as inexhaustibly as her chuckling. a resilient lady is both delicate and control. she is both functional and profound. a tough lady in her pith is a blessing to the world.

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Strong ladies don’t play unfortunate casualty, don’t make themselves look sad, and don’t point fingers.Strong ladies don’t play injured individual, don’t make themselves look forsaken, and don’t point fingers.
They stand and they bargain.