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Short Love Poems for Her

Do you want to show the love you have for the woman in your life, but you just don’t have an incredible amount of time to do so? Check out these short love poems for her and hopefully you will find some inspiration for when you are on the fly. Don’t allow your lack of time to compromise the quality of what you want to say to her. Strive to find a poem that is short but pungent- a poem that carefully packs a lot of meaning into a short amount of space. The poems that you give him don’t have to be incredibly long in order to let him know that you care and that you are there for him when he needs you. In fact, sometimes less words can carry more meaning. Choose your words wisely and carefully and when the time is right, give her the approriate words that she will carry in her heart for a while. She may just be waiting for you to take a small step to remind her that you are thinking romantic thoughts about her throughout the day, and she will be ecstatic to see these simple reminders.

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

Look at her smile, as she dances to our song
Skin so beautiful, with her hair so long
I love everything about her, every inch of her skin
To others, I never know where to begin
From the way she talks
To her bare feet, immersing in the way she walks

There she was, in the coffee shop she sat
Twirling her pen, fiddling with her hat
Starring at her cup, so curious I was
To know who she is, to what she does
Little did I know, she would be the one
Yet, there sitting in the coffee shop I was

All I would love to do, is carry her spirit in my heart
Crazy what love is willing to pursue
It started with a simple hi, hello a wave
To not knowing who she was
To loving her each and every day

Oh my sweet lover by the tree listen when the birds sing your name.
Fireflies light up the night as they watch our love take flight.
Our spirits float on angel wings, fickle and soft.
A sweet love song for our hearts to sing.
The stars fill up the night as the moon beams with joy.
Above the heavens our love soars high like a lost kite.

[poem number=5]Her sweet voice echoes within the walls of my heart.
Her words vibrate in the rooms of my soul.
Her whisper gives me a sweet sensation.
Her laughter is like perfection.

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She is the queen of my dreams.
The one that stole my heart.

He looked lovingly into her eyes.
And kissed her underneath the rainbow sky.
She was his pot of gold.
And his pretty yellow rose.
She stood on tiptoes.
As his nose rubbed her nose.
She was his drug of choice.
And he enjoyed every single dose.

You complete me my love
My beautiful girl
I have to be near you
You are my whole world

Loving you is my whole life
I want to take you as my wife
Hold you in my arms forever
Let you go and hurt you never

You smell of summer rain on roses
Your touch electrifies my soul
I ache to be apart from you
How much you’ll never know

Life is finding your smile before I’ve said a word
Feeling your touch before a delivered emotion
And a taste comparable to none
Causing the skies to fall from above and through us each time that we make love
Revealing all heaven around.
My soul screams
Do you not hear it?
Tear this heart from my chest and hear me cry!
But you’re so far away
And I need you closer than the breath runs deep within the walls of me
I simply want to fall in love

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Your love came to me in colours
Steadfast and embracing
Sticking with me even on days when I wasn’t the best of me
I am learning to treat you better
I’ve sworn it can only be you.
New every day, I learn to adore the you that belongs to me
I will give you gifts, baby
Of love, of wholeness, of Me
Your love came to me in colours
A dazzling beauty of my life
Everything to me and more
Filling in me the desire to love you back in ways unimaginable
I breathe you… I dream you… I live you.
Makers of the universe, I beg you
Please let me have a taste of the woman I love.

Love doesn’t come in black and white
It came to me in colours
Your colours that make the rainbows pale in comparison
Queen of my heart
Whenever I pick up a pen, I don’t know what else to write about
Except you
You are always there, and right here, you are everywhere, all at once
When love pulled me to you, I fell completely
Holding onto nothing but you
I kept falling for you
Mere words, I know, but how honest can I be
For never have I loved anyone, cared for anyone like I do you
In this journey together, we’ll have so many stories to tell
Of tears, of longing, of happiness
Truth is that trials usually abide when love is in a distance
But you’ll see
We will get this right.

I can’t wait until we’re old,
I’ll love you just the same,
No matter the wrinkles,
I promise to still be attracted to you,
You’re more than just your pretty looks,
You’re heart and soul are what attracts me most.

You are like fresh rain on a Sunday morning,
So precious and perfect,
You make me want to stay in bed all day with you,
And watch the dew shine in the sunlight,
Your eyes are the brightest green I’ve ever seen.

Every night when we go to sleep,
I dream of me and you,
Of all the things I want for our life,
Maybe a baby or two,
And when I wake,
I’m so glad it’s next to you,
Let’s start the day,
Make our dreams come true.

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I love the way she looks at me,
And how she holds me tight.
I love the way she talks to me,
It makes me feel alright.
I love the way she says my name,
The way she makes me smile.

The way she smiles,
Lights up my world.
Her laugh fills me with joy,
And gives my day a lift.
She brings a lightness to my life,
And I will cherish it always.
She carries herself effortlessly,
I swear she has wings.

Her eyes shine like stars,
And captivate me.
Her hands are so small as I hold them,
It makes me want to protect her.
She fills my whole world with her light,
I can do nothing but cherish her.
Her love is like the moon,
Subtle and bright.

You beauty is absolutely aparent
For those within your wake
But I am glad that you’re surely mine
For goodness sake.
I love that you have chosen me
Just as I have chosen you
Together we can conquer the world
That is exactly what we intend to do.

My love for you runs deep,
Deeper than you know
Sometimes I do get shy
About letting it fully show.
But it is something that
I really want you to know.
I’m glad to have you in my life.
You truly are the best for me, my wife.

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Love is a funny thing
It does not come with a book
And yet I knew I loved you
With just one solid look.
You make me feel different
From anyone that I have known before.
I am glad that we have met!

In every way you have made my life better.
Like butter you melted my heart.
Every word to be savored like the finest wine.
Each embrace brings joy to my face.
You place with me a gift I treasure.

To the woman who makes me complete.
Every day you sweep me off my feet.
Such sweet words greet me at the end of every day.
Grey skies are clear when you are near.
My heart beats true for you.

You are the women who makes my dreams come true.
Taking charge, champion of all I do.
What would life be like without you?
I can count on you to always be there.
It shows you care.

The way you curl your lips; the way you bat your lashes; The way you swing your hips; The way you tie your sashes; Your movements do enrapture; And put me in a trance; This moment I would capture; As you lead me in a dance.

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I love to take hold of your hand; And walk you through the park; I love to kiss you on the lips; And feel a tiny spark; You light my fire, you start my heart; When I glance upon your face; My one desire, before we part; Is your womanly embrace.

Your body entices when you wiggle; Your voice delights whenever you giggle; But I love you for your wits and smarts; I feel we’re joined at our minds and hearts; I love each and every part of you; And I’ll be with you the whole day through!

When it comes to natural beauty
No one comes close to you
When it comes to personality
No one makes me laugh as hard as you
When it comes to intelligence
There is no one I would rather have a long conversation with than you
When it comes to love
There is no one I would rather be with than you
You are everything to me

Beautiful sparkling eyes
Flowing gorgeous hair
When you have to leave
My heart feels dispar
Whenever I get to hold you
I know I am a lucky man
Knowing that you are mine
Making me smile
Like only you can
I love you

You are the absolute women of my dreams
When you smile, your eyes gleam
As beautiful as the day we met
Your smile is brighter than any sunset
Even though I may sound cheesy
Being with you is just so easy
I love you

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love is in the air
love is in the sea
love is in you and me
love me now
love me then
love me with every sin

love you i do
love unseen
love makes my heart
love is amazing
a gift from above
love is coming
from all sides

is it unfair
or a new sensation
is it a heart
or two people
or three
does it blink
or even judge
does it give hugs
what is love

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I adore you with everything that is in me, I cherish you with my spirit,
Maybe you don’t trust me, however trust me since I know.
My affection is profound, my adoration is unadulterated, my affection is so exceptionally evident,
Presently please my heart longs to know, do you cherish me too?

When you hear me state I adore you, realize the words are so exceptionally evident,
When you hear me state perpetually, realize that I will never abandon you.
What’s more, the day I bid a fond farewell, guarantee me you won’t cry,
For the main time I’ll state that will be the day I kick the bucket.

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When I see you, you’re the main young lady I see,
I need to make you feel imperative and extremely exceptional to me.
Your grin makes me so cheerful and I prefer not to see you scowl,
Try not to stress, my heavenly attendant, for I will never disappoint you.
I will go through my time on earth ensuring that you know,
That you’re my young lady, my reality, and I adore you so