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Rain Poems

Imagine that you are out on the back porch and it begins to rain softly. The atmosphere is calm and it’s peaceful. You are about to go back inside when you decide to stay out for just a few more minutes. Those minutes slowly creep into hours as the calming pattern of the rain hypnotizes you. How amazing would it be to constantly have a reminder of this beautiful experience? Some of us even like to share these types of experiences with our friends and our family as well. Here you can find a beautifully written poem that will be able to bring back this calm image when the day seems otherwise chaotic. If you can manage to take a joyful approach in how you see the rain, the rest of life’s situation won’t seem to be as big of a deal. Children seem to be able to easily have this attitude towards whatever type of circumstances come their way. If you enjoy the rain, but are having a hard time coming up with a descriptive poem about it, take a look at how children react in the rain and go from there.

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

Umbrellas up, rain is out
Jumping in puddles, as I go about
One big splash, nearly takes off my shoe
But wait, there’s another, I know what I must do
Splash again into the puddle
As the rain falls down
Enjoying the moment to myself
While no one is around

Rain, rain
Can you please go away?
I do not wish for you to stay
See, my mother won’t allow it
She won’t all me to be
To play outside
If you’re still around you see?
Rain, rain
Why do you come her so?
I just want to play outside
But with you here
Mother still says no

There’s a hole in my ceiling
I see a drip of water come down
As it misses the can
That I’ve firmly placed on the ground
Who would think of all days, this would happen to me
To find a hole in my ceiling, as the rain pours down and won’t allow me to be

The rain falling softly from the sky.
Reminds me of my childhood.
I remember the sound of the rain falling on the roof.
As I made my way from school.
The rain falls on my face as I fade into a magical place
When the cold rain touched my lips, I remember taking little sips.

He tried to be happy and smile through the pain.
But when he stepped outside it started to rain.
The raindrops fell on his face and washed away his tears
And all the hurt and pain faded away.
Everything was perfect again
And when the rain stopped, everything was the same again.

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As the raindrops fall from the sky
The heavens let out a loud roar
The ground becomes wet
The cold water pieces my skin as the wind blows in anger
I shiver like a leaf as the rain continues to falls on my skin.

People they run when the rain has come
The smell of the earth after it’s done
Driving downpour or the finest of mists
Have you ever just stood in the rain and kissed
Or with face to the sky and eyelids closed
Refreshing the soul like the flowers that grow

Slalom down the windowpane
Heavy, dark, foreboding rain
Ink black sky hides nightlife bound
Treetop shadows skate the ground
Warning signs of worse to come
Find a shelter till it’s done
Pouring through the earth below
Widened rivers overflow

Feeling the rain on my upturned face
Makes the world a more beautiful place
Soaking me on a bright sunny day
Makes me just want to play
Cleanses my aura refreshes my soul
Encourages me to relax
Washes away the vibes of the day
And heals me here where I lay

I shot the moon
And killed its night
I sunk the sun
And buried its light
I fought the wind
And broke its wings
I burnt the sea
And hurt its fins.
I froze the rain
And wiped its tears
I flamed the candle
And scorched its fears
I ruined the soil
And found its pearls
I embraced death
And bid its pain farewell.

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Rain makes me sad
But in a nice way
With all the rain we’ve had
It’s easier to say
The gloom has a nice feeling
The fog is somewhat healing
Humidity is calming
As the rain just keeps falling
Rustle of the wind
Patter rof the rain
Being stuck in has made me less insane
The world has stopped
The window locked the sound of the rain
Now I’m safe.

I’m home, tucked away,
Nestled back in my bed.
There’s a lump of dog,
Curled up by my feet,
And the rain is pattering on the roof.
It’s safe and warm here
Full of familiar shapes in the dark
And little sounds that I’ve missed.
The sweet song of the drizzling rain
Is my lullaby tonight,
And contentedly I close my eyes to sleep.

You just keep coming and coming,
Dumping on me,
Bringing me down,
There is no reprieve,
It’s been weeks and you still haven’t gone away,
You’re dreary and cold,
Miserable too,
Like a grumpy old widow,
You send shivers down my spine.

I can feel you coming,
It’s in the air,
Like that feeling in your stomach when you know something bad is about to happen,
Moods change,
It feels somber,
Like the day is celebrating a funeral,
Dark clouds roll in,
Thunder cracks,
Loud like someone hit a strike.

Because of you,
The wild flowers grow,
Beautiful and tall,
Because of you,
The rivers flow,
Full and strong,
Because of you,
The animals drink,
Cool and refreshing,
Because of you,
The roof leaks,
Slow and steady,
Because of you,
The puddles form,
Bigger and bigger.

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Drip, drip, drip, drip,
Water falling from the sky,
Storm clouds rolling up on high.
Drip, drip, drip, drip,
Lightning falls from up above,
Then floats back up just like a dove.
Drip, drip, drip, drip,
Thunder rolling in the night,
Fear mother nature’s awesome might.

Rain drops are falling,
It’s a beautiful sight.
Days full of rain are calming,
And it’s a delight.
Rainy weather is the best for
Or lazing away a peaceful
I tend to spend it daydreaming,
Tea in hand until twilight.

Thunder is rolling ,
And lightning strikes bright.
The storm is passing,
And its quite the sight.
The rain falls quick,
Puddling on the ground.
The water is slick,
And it’s falling all around.
The wind blows quick and true,
It’s a storm like no other that’s
Passing through.

To the sound of rain
Nothing else can compare
It follows the beats of our heart
But can also be faint and fair
It may follow a rythym
But the sound is all it’s own
We can be thankful that the loud noises
Is what it will drone.

The rain, it falls so gentle
So as to say, “hello.”
The puddles collect quietly outside
They really don’t bother anyone.
Even the children that break the rhythym
Don’t seem to affect the soft purpose of the rain.

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Pitter Patter, Plop Drop
The rain came falling down.
Faster! Faster! One tear spoke to another.
The rain could not hold the sadness,
And so it fell upon the earth.
The sky looked somewhat relieved.
As if it had been rebirthed.

It always amazes me a day of gray
can grow a painter’s palate.
In the morning fog wisps the coast,
cloud layers overhead. I would rather stay in bed.
Beyond my door a rainbow beckons.
A reflective arc above my head.

I love the sound of rain as it
drumbeats on the roof.
Nature’s generous gift. It makes me want to dance.
Growing crops, filling rivers that sliver to the the sea.
Each animal depends upon it. Even you and me.

[poem number=24]It always amazes me a day of gray
can grow a painter’s palate.
In the morning fog wisps the coast,
cloud layers overhead. I would rather stay in bed.
Beyond my door a rainbow beckons.
A reflective arc above my head.


The pitter-patter of the drops; Upon my window pane; The water music never stops; Outside it must be rain; It does not recognize a season; For pouring from above; There does not seem to be a reason; For it to show us love; It nourishes the soil, I know; So plants can start to sprout; But sometimes I wish the rain would go; And the sun come out.

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It nourishes the dirt; And turns it into mud; It soaks right through your shirt; And sometimes starts a flood; Rain is nature’s shower; That falls to Earth unbidden; It can grow a flower; That otherwise stays hidden; If it goes away; It will soon be back again; A dark and cloudy day; Marks the quick return of rain.

Water drops go pitter-pat; Upon my naked head; Perhaps I should have worn a hat; Or put up my hood, instead; Rain can be a nuisance, true; A soaking”s not too fun; But rain can be a blessing, too; Free showers for everyone; Splashing in puddles, twirling umbrellas; Watching the water spout; A rainy day’s time for all ladies and fellas; To laugh, and play, and shout!

Oh, April rain
You bring beauty
Yet walking under you
Brings me so much pain
While the flowers have much to gain
When I forget my umbrella
I can’t help but say
“I hate the rain!”
Even though I know it’s your hydration that we need
To plant and grow seeds
It is still so hard to drive
Through these April rains
I will remain patient and quiet
Till these pounding rains
Decide to stop their riot
Thank you rain
For the plants and food you help to grow
Now I think it’s time for you to go!

Rain falls from the sky
Harder as the minutes go by
Luckily, I brought an umbrella
To protect me as it pours down fast
Not sure how long it will last
When it rains, I smile
I hope that it will last a while
Just as long as I have rainboots
I love wear them, they are so cute!
When it rains, I have a lot of fun
Staying in and reading a book
It is too wet to go on a run!
It’s alright, I will wait
For for the rain to go away
For now, I think I will just enjoy this rainy day

Much to my disdain
Outside it seems to be pouring rain
I suppose I will stay inside today
The plans I that I had
I will just have to delay
It is far too wet to go outside
I suppose I will just let mother nature thing
There are beautiful spring blooms
That this rain with surely bring

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i lay in bed
and hear the raindrops
over head
a soothing sound
in my head
rain coming down
washing away
all mistakes of today
rain coming down
a drop here and there
making a sound
so soothing i’ll
go to sleep now

it’s raining now
a umbrella a must
put on these rainboots
and maybe a coat
it’s coming down
fast out there
rain hitting my umbrella
puddles around my boots
it’s raining out there
it’s pretty fast
run for cover
at last

what if raindrops
told stories
as they fell
what would they tell
what if raindrops
had a smell
would it smell like heaven
no one can tell
what if raindrops
tasted like candy
would that be
enough to smile
what if rain had a story
to tell

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Now and again the downpour falls
as though its writing verse
to the beat of its own music;
a sonic tune of fluid embroidered artwork.
Split from a sky drenched
in the scene of a catastrophe.
It’s tears,
the sound;
a serious move
for all humankind.
An antiquated dance this liquid skip
never feeling worn out on its interminable cycle
vesting and returning to this solid land
like a sweetheart undermining the earth
of its desert state,
or on the other hand adding to its seas
in an offer to be free.
Be that as it may, you’re here once more, I’ve taken note
for even through windows
your music plays a boisterous
what’s more, rather baldfaced beat.
Grasp my hand, for what reason isn’t that right?
Hit the dance floor with me

today I need the haziness
exhausted with life’s
imaginary grins
the woodland
coaxes me
to liquefy inside it
like fog
in the breeze
I could move on lightning
tumble off a cloud
what’s more, become downpour
i’d form down your face
as I fall on it
what’s more, be unified with you

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today I need the obscurity
exhausted with life’s
invented grins
the timberland
coaxes me
to liquefy inside it
like fog
in the breeze
I could move on lightning
tumble off a cloud
furthermore, become downpour
i’d shape down your face
as I fall on it
furthermore, be unified with you