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Poems About Snow

The snow definitly isn’t for everybody, but even if you aren’t excited at the sight of snow falling to the earth, you can still take time to appreciate it. The first snow fall of the year can signal a new beginning as well as a fresh start. As we are able to witness the newness of untouched snow falling to the earth, we can remind ourselves that seasons are only meant to last for a short while. Even though we would like the good seasons to last longer, the good news is that the seasons that we do not particularly care for will eventually come to an end. In the same way, the snow brings on a short amount of change that can last for just the right amount of time. On a good note, snow ushers in the beauty of hot chocolate and sugar cookies. These types of activities just feel better to participate in when there is snow on the ground. Find a poem that will allow you to appreciate snow and the different things that it can represent in your life.

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

I grab my sleigh, and prepare for a trip
Down the steep, sleek slopes
As I speed down, race and whip
The snow creeps behind me
As I start to slow down on my sleigh
Pushing deeper into the snow
As I continue on my way

Snow angels and snow men
Excitement galore
It’s that time of the season
Where snow greets us once more
As our hands shiver and fall cold
While we hold the snow
With the snow falling down on us
On this memory trip
A view most of us
Can never forget

Wet, cold and icy blue
Melts in my hand
So calmly and true
With different shapes, different sizes
Large ones and small ones
All types to look at
With different styles to it all
Sticking to the ground
As more and more fall all around

White as rice and cold as ice
When winter comes, so does the snow
Covering the earth from corner to corner
Leaving frost in its wake
Some roll it to make snow balls
While the others use it to make the snowman
One thing is true, everybody loves snow

Snow falling on the pavement
People staring in amazement
The children outside are skating in the cold
Gliding over the mountain covered in snow
Winter snow covers over the land
Christmas is around the corner
Jingle bells ringing all over

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The winter breeze was blowing in the horizon, cold and relentless.
The air froze when the cold mist engulfed the entire valley.
White snow was falling fast and furious, as the ground beneath froze
The green grass was covered in ice.
Winter had arrived and it was here to stay.

Soft like kisses the falling snow
Perfectly blankets the ground
Silently in reverie
You will not hear a sound
Diamond pure the world outside
Shines with innocence bright
Those young at heart surely know
The urge of a snow ball fight

Wake up to a world of white
Reflecting back the morning light
Snowflakes falling from the sky
Through the clouds the sun does pry
A blanket from another world
Covers the land in majestic swirl
A new fresh path each way I turn
Touch it and your skin will burn

There’s snow on the ground
Where I have found
A million white snowflakes
Scattered around
Nothing to be seen for miles
Except my footsteps on the ground
Like no one has been here before
The first ever person to explore

Oh, the weather outside is frightful
But the fire is so delightful
And since we’ve no place to go
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow
It doesn’t show signs of stopping
And I’ve brought some corn for popping
The lights are turned way down low
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

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A day free from all forms of homework,
A day without science or maths,
When you leave all your school books at home
And run out the door with a laugh.
A day full of sledding and cocoa,
And snowmen who wear Dad’s old clothes;
No writing out boring equations
A snoe day meant for lounging.

In the winter it’s every kid’s dream,
As snowflakes begin to appear,
That suddenly there’ll be a blizzard,
And they’ll cancel school for the year.
Though most kids are willing to settle,
And I am inclined to agree,
They could merely close school for one day
One day off would just fine with me.

What is that?
Coming from the sky,
It’s soft, yet kind of wet,
It melts on my skin,
Yet turns the grass white,
It’s cold, but the wind is colder,
It shine in the sun, glistening like a star,
And everyone is afraid to drive in it.

I get so excited when the weatherman says there’s a good chance,
Snow runs through my veins,
An ice queen – I was made for this,
Prepping for it now, boots, parka, gloves, hat
The snowflakes put me in a trance.

Cancel all your plans,
Bring the plants inside the house,
Make sure to pick up some milk and bread on your way home,
Chop some wood,
Put some salt on the front stairs,
Grab the shovels from the garage,
Snow is coming.

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Never really been a fan of snow,
but I will admit that it is very pretty to look at.
The way it shines in the sunlight is too gorgeous for words.
The way is feels when you step into it for the first time.
Snow is such a beautiful,
wondrous work of art done by nature.

Snow so white and pure,
Falls to the earth from above.
It covers everything it touches,
Nature’s cozy winter blanket.
Tracks left on the cold ground,
Covered and hidden from sight.
A restarting of the seasons,
A fresh new canvas.

As the sun rises,
High in the sky,
The previous nights snowfall shows.
It glitters brightly,
As the sun glints down onto it’s white blanket.
Soft, as if made of cotton.
It sparkles,
And it glitters,
Reflecting the suns radient beams.
This snowfall,
All white and cold,

The snow surely holds it’s own beauty.
When fresh, it is untouched
Unaltered by human hands,
And has a purity about it.
The quality still remains,
When someone hops into the freshly fallen snow
And somehow it still maintains
That incredibly soft glow.

Outside it has gotten quite frigid.
But blissful at the same time.
It is a wonderful mix
That is only replicated once in a while.
Enjoy this peace while it lasts.

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Where snowflakes abound
When silence acrues
We find ourselves in a new season
That is often overdue.
The snow seeks to stop time
And sometimes it does stand still

Hearing snow is like listening to feathers fall.
Ears wide open only eyes see the world of white in front of me.
That something so beautiful does not roar into the seasons
but take its time to cover the earth.

each one with it’s own icy fingerprint.
Falling softly upon my head.
Limbs outstretched in Winer’s welcome.
Face upturned to the sky as flakes gather on my nose.
Covering my toes in white
Snowflake in which I take delight.

When I woke I could not believe
what had happened overnight- the land was white.
With eyes ablaze I knew what to do- so do you.
It was time for snowballs, sledding, snow-angles, skis.
Upon my head sprinkled snow.

Cold and wet, soft and white; A blanket to cover the winter night; A snow field can look quite pristine; Moonlight gives it a special sheen; Underneath the stars it shines; Shelters the roof, and covers the pines; Come spring it will have melted away; Let’s appreciate the snow today.

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Snow brings fun for every child; In fields of snow they can run wild; Build forts and men, have snowball fights; Make angels under starry nights; Snowflakes tickle tongues and cheeks; We hope it stays for several weeks; A magic powder to bring great joy; To every single girl and boy!

Snowboards, skis, tobbogan, sled; Or perhaps a horse-drawn carriage instead; So many ways to slide downhill; So many ways to take a spill; Snow provides a special road; You can use it to build a special abode; Whether young, or whether old; You’ll always enjoy the snow that’s cold!

As the first winter’s snow starts to fall
I am flooded with family memories
They were so fun, I recall
Our first winter cabin
Made strongly of logs and lumber wood
To take care of and maintain
It was understood
Many hours of helping my dad
Shoveling snow in the driveway
He never got mad
Even stopping to throw some snow balls
Many fun memories
Of that years first snowfall

The first snowfall of the season
Makes me so giddy
Putting on my gloves and hat
I feel like a kiddy
Making snow angels
In fresh powdery snow
Looking up at the trees
The sky sparkling aglow
I don’t think there is anything better
Than basking in this cold
Snowy weather

Walking home
Snow starts to fall
I cling tighter
To my winter shawl
The white frost is so cold
Wearing mittens
As I was told
My hands are quite freezing
The gusty winds
Are surely breezing
I pause and admire
The bright sparkling snow
It’s falling down quickly
I should get home
Although I can’t help
But stop to admire
This mystical weather
I wish for a warm fire
Perhaps I will make one
When I get inside
It is these snowy days
That bring me joy
I can’t deny

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what’s this white stuff
laying on the ground
it’s cold and fluffy
it’s rolls into a ball
what’s this stuff
it looks really cold
my hands are starting to freeze
it’s falling from the sky above

snow a beautiful
sign of nature
making snow angels
and throwing snowballs
sledding down hills
and making snow globes
building snowmen
and having a ball
snow on the ground
it’s starting to fall

looking out
i see it fall
these white snowflakes
hitting my wall
look my cars really
there’s tracks on the lawn
look at that snow
how beautiful it is
look at that snow
at how it falls
in small white sheets
all over the lawn

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The ice cold has brushed my cheek by and by
The skies are recolored white
also, the ringing in my ears
is more intense than at any other time
I wonder what the mists are doing, I never observe them any longer
The night doesnt come yet the sun doesn’t sparkle
I have a silver scratch pad
I compose, spearmint
Since my eyes are watering yet I feel nothing
The world is dry while the air is full
Also, the sky take their morning pills
Wash their face
Head off drowsily to hesitantly watch the frosty oceans
The breeze chomps my cheeks
Be that as it may, moves in such quietness I wonder if the inclination isn’t only my standard discipline
At any rate I’m utilized to my spirits
At any rate I have a coat on
At any rate the sky didnt take a day off all together

A ocean of white
Favors holy ground
Where dabbed lines track snow blessed messengers
Also, spirits are lost to discharge
A druid spell summons woozy rapture
Tasting the snowflakes
Kissing the virus air
Embracing the whole sky
An incredible and basic magic mixes
Holding glove hands
Warming cuddle noses
Also, the smell of her hair in winter

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The snow started to fall as I accomplished for you
Vague at first
Scrutinizing its choice
At that point gravity dominated
What’s more, the inescapable plummet started
Delicate and Slow
Like our first kiss
Like when I required you
Like your hand holding mine
As the night we initially met
As your adoration for me
Superb like the main winter snow