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Poems About New Beginnings

There are multiple types of people in this world. There are those who easily stride into something new with confidence and they embrace the change that is ahead of them. Then there are people who run away from new beginnings with a fiery passion and fear in their hearts. Finally, there are a large stream of people who like to think that they are great at embracing change until the time to do so actually comes. Whichever group you find yourself mostly relating to, there are words that can fully express the feelings that are attached to new beginnings. Sometimes the way that we react to new beginnings deal with the way that they are presented to us. We can enter into something new by simply creating a new form of subtle habits, and we can change our thinking by doing so. Other times, life brings on new beginnings that were unexpected. These changes tend to be more scary as they are unpredictable and sometimes happen often. Whether the beginnings were planned or thrown at us, we can be sure that new beginnings will lead to new opportunities, and we can take comfort in this thought.

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

Fresh start, no looking back
Pack the bags, get out and move forward
Don’t turn back around, keep moving forward
To what this new start, may hold for you
Don’t be scared, kick the dust off your feet
A new beginning is what you will meet

Fair well to that old life, embrace the new
Excel in the new opportunities
All the new accomplishments you will do
The moment of now, may appear so far fetch
But don’t let this new start, take a hold of you
It’s something you should strive to get

We should never be afraid, of what our future may hold
At times we need to take a chance
Time for new beginnings and to be bold
Right now it may seem a little unsure
But a new start, can be so refreshing and pure

Starting over can be so scary and difficult,
The thought of letting the past go and moving on leaves us confused
But the truth is, change is good and change is necessary,
And growth can only occur when we embrace change.
New beginnings represent new opportunities
New beginnings are a sign that the universe is giving us a second chance,
And we all deserve a second chance.

It’s okay to be scared of the future,
It’s okay to be uncertain of what tomorrow holds
It’s okay not to know what the next step is
But the beauty about new beginnings is that we all get a clean slate,
We get a second shot at life, a chance to get it right
A chance for redemption, a chance to create new memories.

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As we prepare to write a new chapter of our lives,
Let us remember that we can only achieve growth if we keep moving forward
New beginnings mean that we get a fresh start,
A fresh start in that career you’ve wanted so badly,
A fresh start in that relationship you’ve been dreaming of
A fresh start in life and a chance to be better than your former self.

Here’s to you and your new start, here’s to happiness and a fulfilled heart
Exciting times along your journey, wishing you many wonderful memories
But if you should through fear regret, the path you chose then don’t forget
Like the pioneers of old, fortune favours the brave and bold

A brand new chapter in your life
Leave behind unwanted strife
Forge a path through each new year
Eradicate unwanted fear
Start each day a fresh new canvas
Live each moment as it’s your last
Pick yourself up off the floor
Love yourself more than be

A new beginning a brand new chance
Take up knitting learn to dance
Live as if there’s no tomorrow
Make your peace feel no sorrow
Leave your troubles far behind
Look only forward clear your mind

Cheers to a new beginning.
Old things are past away
No more reminders from the past
Memories of what I have been,
Have vanished at long last,
I look forward to my new path,
Where all is somewhat strange.
But I am among the few,
That gets off to a new beginning.

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It’s only the beginning now,
a pathway yet known,
Many trials and tribulations would come their way,
But it all shows you have started something new,
The best beginning of most things may end in sorrow,
but the sun always shines even on our darkest days.

A time to start anew,
A new beginning for both of us as we proceed with our long found love,
Although the cares of life are great and heads are bowed so low,
The years will never take away our chance to start anew.
Its only the beginning now,
So dreams can still come true.

17 days,
I’m filled with anxiety,
It’s a good anxiety though!
Checking off the boxes,
Gotta double check,
Make sure everything is perfect,
The boxes are packed,
Stacked high in the truck,
I’m so ready to go,
To start again.

Hello little guy,
It’s time to fly,
To stretch your wings and go,
Up, up, and away,
To start your day,
To start your new life as a butterfly.
You’re no longer a worm,
No longer in hiding,
Your wings are perfectly made,
To help you begin.


The paperwork is signed,
It’s official,
I’m finally getting a home!
My bags are packed,
I’m ecstatic,
I can’t wait to meet my new family!
My name is called,
I turn to look,
My new family is waving to me!

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You decided it was time to start fresh,
Begin things anew.
You started your new job today,
And things are going well.
You live in a new home,
And you bought new throw pillows.
It’s a good beginning,
A fresh start.
Things are looking up,
And it feels good.

You just moved to a new town,
Your job took you there.
It’s slow going, unpacking your boxes,
It’s worth it.
It’s a new beginning,
One you were looking forward too.
You miss the familiarity,
But you’ll feel it again soon.

You just moved into a place all on your own,
The feeling of new is refreshing.
Your home is small,
But more than enough space for you.
You’re on your own now,
It’s like starting from scratch.
It’s a new beginning,
And it’s a nice feeling.

Here we are at the start
Of something that is brand new.
It can feel a little bit frightening
As though we are at a loss for what to do.
But take courage, because eventually it will be
Just as easy as other things in life
That come so naturally.

It is now time to begin
On something quite new.
Not everyone takes this journey.
You are only the one of few.
Everything seems harder
At the start
Keep up the good work,
And we’ll both be talking about the finish soon.

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It is time to start off fresh
To honor something new.
Every once in a while
It can be a good thing to do.
Whatever your endeavor,
Dive in with all of your heart
There is no better time
Than right now to start.

It is with courage that one begins again.
That lion who roars enough and with a powerful stride
looks for a new tribe.
One that offering protection and love.
Leaving is never easy.
Ease into the unknown or jump with both feet in.
Just go.

A new beginning is like dipping a toe into the sea.
Large expanse of the unknown, tides tugging at your heart.
There is no navigation chart for what lies ahead.
Instead plunge in and begin to swim.
It is only with your head above the water that you can see the shore.

Hearts break into fragments,
doors once opened close.
Those times which seem like endings may
make life seem stagnant.
Most new opportunities surprise.
So it may be wise to open eyes
to what was disguised in plain sight
and now is right.

A chapter in your life has ended; Time is moving fast; Bridges burned, or fences mended; Old things in the past; Your life did not go how you’d planned; You’re not sure where to go; I hope one day you’ll understand; God’s plan’s not ours to know.

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Life has thrown you quite a curve; You struggled to dodge the pitch; Out of the path you tried to swerve; And now you’re in the ditch; But you can stand back up again; Put your car back on the road; There’s plenty of time for you to win; Your life’s not yet been towed.

Memories linger in your mind; Of better times before; I hope you have the strength to find; A path to a new door; What’s done is done, it can’t be changed; And now you must press on; Ties to past are new estranged; Life’s battle’s not yet won.

Cheers to new beginnings!
You have put in the work, the time and the tears
Your goals may have once seemed like a distant dream
But you have made this beautiful change happen for yourself
You should be so proud of all of your hard work coming to fruition
May this new change bring you all the joy that you deserve

I remember the days when you were down
Hurt and broken from the pain of the world
Amidst the rain and darkness in your life
You have created your own sunshine
Nothing makes me more proud than
Seeing all of the new opportunities and changes
You have made to create the beautiful
And bountiful life that you truly deserve

Good things are coming
From just beyond the horizon
Although changes from your everyday
Can be quite hard
You have the spunk to pull it together
I know you will go far
All your hard work has lead you to this step
Your triumphs and achievements
Are something to never forget
I know that you will make it
I believe that you will grow
You have so much potential
More than you will ever know
Congratulations on the big changes in your life!

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i pack my bags
load my car
i never look back
it’s a new start
a road full
of possibilities
a new house
a new place just for me
a life to begin again
no looking back
keep going straight
a new beginning
is what i need today

i don’t need you
or any of that
i don’t need this town
or all the secrets around
i don’t need to stop
i’m walking out the door
i don’t need a
million dollars
i need a place
where i belong
something new and
a place to begin again

i cleanse myself
i’m starting new
no thanks to you
new love
new house
new job for me
maybe a new identity
a nice new car
a fancy suit
a new name
a new face
no matter what
no matter when
i’m starting over again

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Slithering is a moderate way
unto enormity, continuing just instinct
the mother of enormous excellence.
How fitting that we rise and fall
out of moondust and starshine,
as though life– full and eager with purpose–
had predicted our self-dispensed confinements.
In a fantasy, a voice missing of body sung:
“For what reason do you question
at the point when the potential outcomes of this world
furthermore, the following
are vast?”
At that point endless strings spiraled around me.
I looked as it weaved delicate, shimmer obligations of light
(interminable day and night) and wrapped me entirety.
Rather than suffocation,
I discovered harmony in tangled decision.
Flying in strange breezes, the shell we assemble
around ourselves that offer no assurance, broke–
so go along with me in the divine movement
furthermore, coast toward unfiltered sky
with a butterfly’s effortlessness: light,
in any case, not without burden

is a substance
I convey inside me
Time and its strands
They’ve been wound inside me since my navel was hitched
It has as its correlative partner
The space among time and its alternatives
Time, ruler of the hours
rules sovereign
Unpretentiously, on a silver rope
Individuals don’t kill time
He is the killer.

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Winter accompanied snow
what’s more, shrouded us in white,
throwing a frigid shine—
a similar inclination he
demonstrated that night.
Spring accompanied expectation
restoring my broke heart,
I achieved the stopping point,
glad; yet as yet feeling destroyed.
In the event that you adore me in the Summer
and every one of the things I have behind,
I trust you cherish me still in spite of
every one of the things that I’m.
For in the Fall I fell hard
also, he made a stride back.
Be my gravity, pull me close—
also, stick my breaks.