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Poems About Music

It’s amazing how melodies that are streched out so far across the earth can connect people in such a close manner. How else do so many couples have a song that appears to mark a significant event within their relationship. Sometimes we even hear two friends say, “This is our song” as soon as a particular one comes on the radio. So many people are passionate towards music and there is a good reason for that. Music has a magical way of connecting two different people who have nothing else in common. Almost everyone enjoys a certain type of music, whether it involves rock, boy bands, or a sweet lullaby that your baby will fall asleep to. We can all find a genre that we cherish and has special meaning to us. Some people adhere well to a song if the lyrics are meaningful while others focus more on the instrumental background of a song. Find a poem that resonates deeply with you and speaks well of the impact that music has had in your life.

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

Emotions felt in my body
As the melody takes a hold
Tapping your foot
As the sounds capture your soul
You start to dance and twirl
On the dance floor alone
As the music captivates you
It is true, what has been shown

He rests his hands, takes a deep breath
Relaxing his body, as his body wants to shake
Lay flat his feet, he begins to play, sounding so sweet
The audience is quiet, they’re in a stand still
Piano play as the emotions in the crowd they feel

Tapping of a drum, bass playing
Piano sound, harmonious singing
Electric guitars, and tambourines
Sounds of a loud cluck, rings and clings
Simple gestures, happiness inside
Music playing, songs sung
Ears hear, music is all around us
No matter the time of year

Music can heal a broken heart,
Music can calm an angry soul,
Music can inspire the broken and the dejected
Music can make you feel alive,
Music teaches us how to dance
Music paints our world.
Music speaks a universal language
Music is life.

Music is such a beautiful gift, one that keeps on giving
It is a form of art used to express and communicate deep human emotions,
From the beats of the drums to the tunes of the instruments, music is an echo of our creativity
From the flow in the lyrics to the voice of the singer, music is used to paint a colorful picture
That tells a story to people of all ages and races.

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Music is great, music is lovely, music forever!

Music has been and will always be
In the beating heart and bird that sings
In the songs of the whale
In the wind through the trees
A symphony for you and me
Music is a note and key
That unlocks the love inside to see
Wistful moments, thoughtful trance
Tears of sadness, joyful dance

Musical notes fill the air
Bursting with symphonic flair
Soothing tempers as it flows
Woe and sadness overthrows
Tensions ease and angers wane
Love takes over hate and pain
Night-time terrors kept at bay
Awaken to a brand new day

Music fills my head helping me to chill
Sometimes my mind keeps racing around
There’s nothing to keep it still
It’s soothing for the heart and soul
My body starts to unwind
I’ll always listen to my favourite music
To heal that heart of mine

Music everywhere,
a soothing relief to the soul,
when one’s in the saddest and darkest moment,
you can always count on music,
Music does not judge,
it cut across different aspect of life
it is a sound you can turn to in times of despair,
Music, such a pleasant sound.

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I close my eyes and fall
I float through the music in my ears
Each rise and fall in the song
Brings me with it.
I lose myself,
I lose my sense of the world in the music.
My earbuds, this music,
They bring me to another universe altogether,
One that is made up of sounds and words,
Nothing more, nothing less.

Simple vibrations resonates againt a drum
Power to change a mood frequently a humm
Vibration of a throat
Wood against a skin
2count, 4count, 8count.
Again and again vibrating wire
Nylon wound tight
Ladders on scales
Keys without a lock
Air channeled in tunnels
Like sewer undergrounds all these collided
Creating beautiful music to my ears.

Feel the bass jumping up,
Beep bop, bop, bop,
The air vibrating,
You can’t hear yourself think,
Just close your eyes and let it all go,
Sink into the feeling,
Washing over you,
The green vibes pave the way,

A cold beer,
Another year,
Pretty girls,
Southern pearls,
Big ole trucks,
Filled with dead bucks,
Strum the guitar,
Wish on a star,
Camo hats,
Ain’t no democrats,
Say your prayers,
Do your own repairs,
That’s country music,
It’s therapeutic.

It gets into your soul,
Like light seeping through a crack,
Bright and hopeful,
Changing the mood,
Stirring up something fun,
Cracking open the heart,
Swaying back and forth,
Unconsciously moving to the beat,
Tapping your feet,
Nodding your head.

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The bass vibrates the speakers and the floor,
A resounding thrum filling your chest.
The notes match the beat perfectly,
Echoing in the room.
The sound fills your ears,
But it feels good.
The rythym makes you want to move,
So you begin to dance.

The beat of the drum,
Or a twang of a guitar.
Theres the trills of flutes,
And the singing of violins.
It all creates music,
And it comes from within.
If you listen closely,
The world will mimick their sounds.
Like the beating of a march,
Or the hum of a train.
Life is full of music,
If you listen you’ll hear it.

Music instills emotion,
It can make you laugh or cry.
It can make you want to dance,
Or sing in the car.
Music is all around us,
It plays in stores and in the car.
It’s so easily attained,
No matter the genre.
Each song you hear is unique,
With a different rythym and beat.

Songs surely soothe the soul
And help us to relate
There is nothing like a beat
Calming us down when we’re irate.
Wonderful melodies seek to tickle our ear
They put us in a great mood
And sometimes, even remove our fear.

Music allows us to express ourselves
In a form different from any other.
It also can help us connect
With each other.
Listen alone, or in a group
It takes on a life of its own
And is very aware of what it is doing.

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Feel the rhytyhm of this world
Inside your soul.
Music abounds everywhere.
Are you listening?
The beat changes pace alongside your heart.
You can start to listen right now.
Go ahead, and start!


A trumpet, drum, and harp walked into a bar.
Having all received a note proclaiming they would become a star.
Once on stage they kept a beet, folks feverishly tapped their feet.
The trio celebrated having overcome defeat.

There was a lonely piano who
dreamed of playing with a friend.
A duet, a trio, anything at all.
Instead it sat by itself in a dimly lit hall.
Arriving one day a girl said
“look what I have found” and played the
happiest notes- a harmonious sound.

Notes float in the air coating the world with sound.
A symphony of violins, violas, and trumpets abound.
Each string sweet as honey lands upon the ear,
I want to disappear.
The sound I hear beautiful and clear.

Pleasant notes upon the breeze; Give my ears such bliss; I haven’t heard such songs as these; This music is a kiss; Amazing that such noise can come; From finger, mouth, or hand; So blow a horn or bang a drum; Strike up the merry band!

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Trumpets, cymbals, clarinets; Cellos, violins; Flutes, drums, trombones, castenets; Percussion and woodwinds; Many man-made instruments; Provide such melodies; So I must give my compliments; To conductors of symphonies; Without these maestros of concerts; Played through the many years; We would miss out on life’s desserts; Feasts for happy ears!

Tapping toes and snapping fingers; Music warms my soul; Wherever I go the music lingers; Harmonies make me whole; I cannot sing and cannot play; A song to save my life; But music brightens up my day; And eases worry and strife!

The beat of the music surrounds the room
I’m so glad I brought my dancing shoes
Grooving to the beat with a drink in my hand
There’s nothing I love more than a good jazz band
Shaking my hips and moving along
I thank the man for playing my song
As I groove to the beats all night long!


The sweet sound of a strumming guitar
Can make you feel so relaxed
No matter where you are
Close your eyes and listen to the beat
With a cold drink in your hand
Relax and take a seat
The band has just started playing
There are a lot more songs ahead
So stay up and dance with me
It will be late when we go to bed
Tonight we are having a party
As we dance to all the band’s songs
I will dance like a disco queen
As you clap and play along
I sing along to the lyrics
Of every single song
I love this dance party
I hope it lasts all night long
You know that it is true
But it is so much better
When you are dancing too!

Playing the piano
Has always been so fun
Practicing taught me
When it gets hard, not to run
Sticking to it is the only way
To get better at playing piano
Or any instrument that you play
Dedication to practice helps you get better
Play everyday
No matter the weather!

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a line or two
a word right there
note a b c
a guitar strum here
piano here
a melody a song
or two
la la la
the words go on
music music
makes things right
from here to there
and everywhere

i may look tough
but when i hear
that song
that beat going strong
i can’t help but sing
country music is my jam
no rap, no rock n roll
i need that country
it’s sweet on my soul

rap maybe rock
country or pop
a little soul
a little rock n roll
a beat a rhyme
singing every line
while driving my car
music makes my heart beat
makes me want to dance
like it’s my last chance

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Music brings satisfaction,
to our entire being,
It’s one of those,
enthusiastic expressions.
Hints of tunes,
that we really worship,
Brings us unadulterated joy,
as our spirits do take off.
Music that contacts us,
we can’t resist the urge to grin,
We’re allowed to pick,
sort or style.
Music unmistakably,
illuminates our days,
Satisfies us,
in such huge numbers of ways

Love Song
In the event that life was an affection melody,
that could never end,
Moving interminably,
I wish we could spend.
The ecstasy in my heart,
through the dash of your spirit,
Fulfilling you,
would be my definitive objective.
As we’d keep on influencing,
from side-to-side,
Life would be wonderful,
smoothly, we’d float.
We’d listen intently,
to the most exquisite tune,
Content with ourselves,
for not finishing soon.
Yet, disclose to me the reason,
this life can’t be genuine,
We realize we can do it,
we know how we feel.
Our life is an affection tune,
acknowledge and grasp,
Our spirits is the music,
what’s more, our hearts is the place

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Enjoy Music!
It doesn’t make a difference,
which instrument you play,
For whatever length of time that your hair,
is undetectable or dark.
I’m not saying,
old artists are ideal,
Some really require,
help getting dressed.
Everything descends,
to the craft of the tune,
On the off chance that you sing delicately,
you’ll realize how to murmur.
Take a gander at your verses,
you may need to change.
Some fair may appear,
somewhat unusual.
Those that ace,
the low and high pitch,
Have a decent shot at getting to be,
renowned and rich.
In any case, if all falls flat,
keep on getting a charge out of,
Since music to the ears,
is a wonderful toy.