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Poems About Mothers

Moms often have a lot to deal with on their plates, and yet, many of them never complain. This is because the tradeoff of seeing their babies happy is worth any suffering that they may have to endure. Sure, being a mother is the most rewarding job that there is! Most moms help out thier children more than they will ever know, and most moms enjoy doing so. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t need to be told what a great job they are doing. Moms, of all people, could use a moment of rest andencouragement before they start thier duties back up again. When we are younger, they kiss our boo boos when we fall while encouraging us to get back up and try again. As we grow older, they discipline us and help us to know what is right from wrong. As we get older still, mothers take on the role of friend while still serving to be that role model that we need in our lives. Where in the world would we be if it weren’t for moms cheering us on, even during the midst of our mistakes?

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

Sitting across me, at the dinner table so neat
Smells of food surround me, as I began to speak
I hope you don’t get mad, as I began to say
I got a bad grade, bad grade today
I start to cry uncontrollably, but my mother drops her food
Stands up beside me and begins to hold me

In the car, off to school
You fell off your bike?
Here’s a kiss for you
Off to work, with dinner on her mind
Picks up the kids, just in time
Home work gets done
Dishes get washed
Bed times stories
Tired, so tired, yet she wakes up again
As another day begins

A mother, strong, beautiful
A mother, helping, caring, selfless
A mother, strong and wild, crazy and real
A mother, giving, understanding, and always real
A mother, lovely and a fighter, yet calming and embraced
A mother, strong willed, whose heart is always in the right place
A mother

The first person I ever loved in this world,
The one person who has always been there for me through every step,
My number one fan,
My guardian angel,
My flesh and blood,
On this special day as we celebrate your birthday,
I just want to tell you how much we love you.
The world’s greatest mom.

On a cold Saturday morning. My mother passed away.
God called her home. He summoned her to stay.
With every sunrise, I see her face.
In my heart, no one can take her place.
Summer is coming. It is so very near. Bringing thoughts of my mother.
Whom I miss so dear.

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A mother’s love is pure as snow
And it comes straight from the heart
A mother’s touch is soft and gentle, right from the start
A mother’s embrace is warm and assuring, nothing can tear us apart,
A mother’s words are like medicine meant just for the soul

Mothers can be crazy mad
Mothers can be sweet and sad
Mothers can have messy fun
Mothers they can come undone
But one thing that I noticed
When I was growing up
Is that mothers are all bossy
No matter where you are from

The first time that I saw you, I knew that you were mine
A connection felt by no one else through the whole of time
Safe and warm you kept me and nursed me at your breast
And now that I am older and wise about the world
I realise what you gave me and that you are the best

Mothers are usually loving and giving
Clever and kind and without misgiving
Some are neglectful and absent of mind
Some are nefarious and wholly unkind
Not every woman was meant to give birth
Not every woman knows her own worth

A wife, a mother, a grandma too
This is the legacy we have from you
You teach us love and how to fight
You gave us strength, you gave us might
A stronger person would be hard to find
And in your heart, you were always kind.
You fought for us all in one way or another
Not just as wife not just as mother.
For all of us you gave your best
Now the time has come for you to rest
So you can enjoy the fruit of your labour.

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I’m writing this poem for you, mom
because I want this poem to be,
my own special way of showing you
how much you mean to me.
I have so much to say
and I don’t think this poem will do,
but each word in between these lines
comes straight from my heart for you.
I know I haven’t been a perfect son,
but you’ve taken things in stride,
and no matter how many problems I’ve had
you’ve always been by my side.
I could talk to you about whatever I felt,
because I knew that you’d understand,
all that you asked from me in return
was to stand up and be a man.
If I asked you for some advice
you never have told me no,
and if I made a dumb mistake
you’ve never said I told you so!
You’ve always treated me real special
and sometimes I don’t understand why.
But when I think about how I’ve hurt you
it makes me want to cry.
This is an apology for the mistakes I’ve made
and the conflicts that we’ve had,
for all the times I’ve hurt you
and for all the times I’ve made you mad.
I wrote this especially for you mom,
this is my cry out to you.
To let you know how sorry I am
and how much I really love you.

My dear mother unlike any other,
You taught me how to walk,
And you taught me how to talk.
You provided a roof over my head,
And always made sure I was fed.
You taught me morals and standards,
The meanings of living and all about giving.
What a wonderful, beautiful, thoughtful, intelligent mother I have,
And you make me truly glad.
You always go out of your way for everyone each day.
You always listen to what I say even if I’m having a bad day.
Whenever I’ve had issues
You have always been my tissues.
You always hugged me tight
And loved me with all your might.
You were always there for me when I needed someone.
I’m so very thankful to have a mother like you,
With your kindness and all that you do.
All these words are perfectly true,
And mother, I love you.
You are a mother unlike any other.
A little poem I wrote for you to let you know
I love you and appreciate you every day
In every single way.

Mother, mom, mommy dearest,
I’m so thankful for your deep love.
Teacher, adviser, lifelong educator,
Thank you for all of your wisdom.
Sidekick, ally, best friend,
You never let me down.
Supporter, defender, the greatest cheerleader,
I’m indebted to you.

You’re the one who I turn to,
You’re the one who I always call,
You always know just what to do, what to say,
You’re my confidant.
The one I can depend on,
Blood runs thick,
Our bond is strong.
Your material instincts are stronger.

Mothers are human just like me and you,
They come in all shapes and sizes,
Some are experienced and some are brand-new,
Some like to control your lives and some are never around.
They can be your best friend,
And get on your nerves,
Others are embarrassing and offend,
But you can’t choose your mother!

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Mothers are amazing,
their feelings for their children blazing.
Their love having no limit,
their tolerance for nonsense far from a gimic.
Mothers give and give and give all of their love,
Until the sweet music calls them up above.
Despite not being able to live forever, they tend to make one’s existence a pleasure.

You must love your mother no matter what.
Even during the time she is being a pain,
she is always worth the struggle in the brain.
Your mother is a wonderful human being,
bringing you into the life you are living.

Mother! You are so very great.
Mother! You help me shape my fate.
Mother! I am glad you share your love.
Mother! Your hugs always fit like gloves.
Mother! You are one of a kind.
Mother, you are always on my mind.

Mothers are a great wonder
That nobody can deny
They help keep everyone together
They maintain a positive attitude.
There is muc more that they do
And so we will continue with our attitude of gratitude.
Thank you moms!

Moms, your name is well-worn
By the children that always call it.
Although it is for a good purpose…
To change a diaper, to feed your loved one.
You do deserve a break.
To feel appreciated.
Thankful for all that you do.

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Moms, they are fantastic.
They hold a special title
It’s one tha often goes unoticed.
It’s only recognized by their audience-their little ones.

I would not be the person I am today without your love.
You have given me wings, letting me soar.
Always there when I fall.
For that gift there are not words enough to
show what that means to me.

To the mom who knows best.
Roots deep in my soul with all you know.
Your wisdom spreads like the roots of an oak.
Mother, I could ask for no other person to be my teacher in life.
Thank you for all you have shared.

Arms around me secure as
a blanket.
Mother you inspire me
with all I put you through.
Avocado on my face, toys out of place.
Questions without answers out of the blue.
By the way, have I said “I love you?”

Mothers raise us up from birth; They teach us morals, teach us worth; From them we learn from right and wrong; For them we should break out in song; Thanks for all you’ve done for us; Mothers are worth all the fuss!

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Mothers are those who give us life; They handle joy as well as strife; From their loins do we spring forth; Yet they must always prove their worth; From their breasts they give us food; But often to them we are rude; Instead of sometimes being hateful; We should be forever grateful!

Superheroes, thy names are mothers; You raise sisters alongside brothers; You clean up spills and break up fights; Work during days, and cook during nights; Heal our wounds and warm our chills; Clean our rooms and pay our bills; We would be lost without them near; To our mothers, let us cheer!

There’s no one quite like you
All the selfless things you do
Helping others is what you do
Lending a hand to those in need
You never pass up doing a good deed
You taught me how to be kind and brave
Thank you mom, for all the love you gave

Wiping up my spills
Helping me clean up messes
Teaching me to paint my nails
Helping me pick out dresses
Mom, you have been there for it all
When we’re together, we have a ball
Making sure that I have everything I need
Assuring I never knew of greed
Teaching me to do the right thing
My love for you is stronger than a stampede
Thank you for everything, mom

Throughout my life you have always been there
Making sure that everyone is taken care of
Driving, cooking, planning with love
Mom, you really do it all
When I’m in trouble
You are the one I call
I worry that you don’t do enough for you
You rather focus on others
I know this to be true
You are worth being taken care of
So let me spoil you!
You deserve a big bear hug
Thank you, mom

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i carried you
nine months with all
the sickness i had
i talked to you
and counted down
prepared your room
even painted it blue
then it all started
it’s time for you
many hours later
you came into this world
nice to meet you
little one
call me mom

doctors visits
days of spit up
cries at night
no sleep today
long hours
even longer days
snuggles and kisses
feedings and naps
changing your clothes
a time or two
long walks and car rides
but that’s ok
that’s alright
i’ll be your mom
everyday and night

the tears are ok
even when your
beds not made
i spilled milk
the coffee maker
is on the fritz
you want pancakes
she wants cake
she hit you
but you both yell
food is burnt
the floor is dirty
a toy here oh no
you threw it across the room
but when i stop
just to take a breath
i hear you say
mommy your the best

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At the point when an obscure dread grasps me
At the point when an obscure dread grasps me
I hold your hand to relinquish dread
I feel so quiet and I feel settled
At whatever point you are close
Mother you comprehend me so well
You see every one of my feelings throughout everyday life
You couldn’t care less about your life
Indeed, even while you battle and endeavor
You generally ensure me with your shade
Of adoration and aching throughout everyday life
Simply need to thank you for all the adoration
A debt of gratitude is in order for being so kind
I adore you mother!

Whenever I feel down or low
At whatever point I feel sad
There is dependably a hand on my head
A recuperating contact with a reason
That things will get fine my dear
Try not to stress this time will go
You simply have one life to cheer
Your touch influences me to overlook everything
Your touch changes my life per state
I simply have a word to state
That nobody is as you are my mother
You are my life and my way
You help me with my each begin
I adore you for everything throughout everyday life
You are my life..My dear mother

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You Made Me Strong
Each time I fell, you drove me up.
Shedding tears, you never given me a chance to drop one.
With my spirit, and my entire existence
I wish you are there, to help
Till the end, as you did, in the begin.
With all the shouting love that you poured,
I trust, you cut me more grounded through my center.