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Poems About Love And Pain

As we have all experienced, love is not all fun and games, and not everybody can win all of the time. Sometimes love involves pain as well as loss. Whether we are referring to the actual loss of a loved one or the loss of a romantic relationship, the pain doesn’t hurt any less. However, finding the words that capture our feelings can, on some level, relieve some of the pain that we are holding onto. It can hurt our souls on a deep level when we realize that someone we love is no longer present in our lives. While we can do our best to maintain a positive attitude, sometimes the pain just seems overwhelming. When we read a poem about this type of life situation, we can feel as though others understand what we are going through. While everyone seems to desire to talk about the benefits of love, there aren’t many who want to discuss the pain that can sometimes be attached to it. You won’t have to look very far to find a poem that relates to your heart and to what you have been through.

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Why did you leave me?
Please tell me
I’m right here
We were meant to be together forever
You lied and caused tears
My heart hurts, to know I won’t see your face
Or your sweet smile and touch
Although I’m angry, I will miss you so much

I can’t understand, where we went wrong
There was a time when we thought our love
Was so strong
I do my thing, he usually does his
There’s no talking anymore, how did this be?
There’s no love anymore, although it’s painful
I have to let you go

He doesn’t look at me the same
I can tell he see’s someone else
He doesn’t hold me the same
I can feel the difference
His expressions show happiness
But I feel him drifting
When did this happen
How did I let this be?
When was the moment
He fell out of love with me?

She was the center of his universe,
He promised her that he would never leave,
They were madly in love with each other,
The thought they would conquer the world together,
But one day feelings changed, promises were broken
And suddenly the love they shared quickly turned into hate,
The joy they felt was replaced with pain
And in the end, it all happened so fast.

Like every love story, the beginning was beautiful and romantic
Nothing seemed to come between them.
They were the perfect couple, always together, always happy.
But soon, darkness descended upon their relationship
The laughter turned into arguments and the distance grew bigger
The love was fading and it was painful for both of them to let go,
But it was even harder to hold on.
In the end, they both walked away with sorrow in their hearts.

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Feeling like the world is unfair
For you to just leave me without care,
You were all that I wanted by my side,
But now all I have is this empty feeling inside,
This is my story, the one that keeps me up all night,
The story of how my love turned into pain
And though it may be in vain
I hope one day you will come back and end this pain.

Crawling around on my hands and knees
I water the earth with my tears
I am broken in too many pieces to fix
You hurt me for so many years
I am trying to heal but it’s not going well
I know that you don’t really care
I wish I could show you the damage you’ve done
But I know the emotion is not there

In the springtime of my life I was passion’s ruthless slave
In the summertime I wished for love each and every day
In the autumntime I fell in love and longed for it to last
Now its wintertime and I’m alone dreaming of love past

You walked right out and left me
I had nowhere to turn
I curled up on the kitchen floor
Awaiting your return
Until one day I realised
That I still loved myself
And that’s the most important thing
That I could ever learn

Oh my darling, do not be so shaken
There is no solace here
You will feel the rain and the heat
The ground will not carry you forever
And the sky will move away
These bones will not forever anchor you
And this skin will not always bind tightly
These are the lessons you need to learn
That strength is not your entitlement
And weakness is buried in your marrows
You plunged head first into the deep
Hoping the tide will bring you up
Now you struggle with bonds so tight
You cannot find their roots
Do not be so shaken, this is how we live
We are fading pictures, we are wilting flowers
And our bloom is definite
Learn to enjoy the struggle
And find contentment in the brief histories of your joy
Don’t be so glum, it isn’t all so morbid
The joy is in the fall and the climb is thrilling
Soon you will learn to see them both as equal
You are not alone here, so do not fall apart
But you do not have the right to close the doors and rest.

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My tears streaming live,
I try hard to keep a happy face.
My eye bags now hold enough water,
But leaks evenly at uneven rate.
I try to forget this feeling but still I feel the moment,
I cry till a fortnight then write a “look like a sonnet”,
Ink and tears, unintentional mixture,
As life writes to death it’s emotional torture.
In a second I lost you foreve to the dark,
A day that left on my scarred heart a mark..
A seal that I will never see you again.
A sign I will also leave on those I love one day

Together to board a plane
To see the world and land safe
With your fingers crossing mine
Down the stairs to join the line
Walking within the crowd
Lost and turned at every sound
Every site came calling
Gently as things got intense
I felt your fingers no more
Of course, lost you were
Suddenly I realized you were gone
Starting and ending like a movie
You are still unfound
But I wait every night for your hand to gently hold me.

My heart is fluttering fast,
He leans in for the kiss,
It’s soft and gentle,
He bites my lip,
I brush it off,
He offers to bring me home,
Playing with my hair as he drives,
He pulls it hard,
He puts the car in park and walks me to my door,
I leans in for another kiss,
He slaps my butt.

The day you got down on one knee,
After chasing me around the country,
Emotions flood, like a hurricane,
Rushing in, blood pumping,
Flowing like the memories of me and you,
A messy past,
Filed with pain and confusion,
Yes, I love you too,
But no I need to go.

You always joked,
We’d marry different people,
And I hated it when you’d say that,
You were my first love,
I thought we could make it work,
I wasn’t ready to give up,
You told me when you left,
I’ll come back for you,
And I’m still holding onto that promise.

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You fall in love with a person,
And you think they are your world.
And one day they leave you,
And it pains your heart.
Each person you fall in love with,
May bring you some pain.
But they bring about joy, too,
And they are never the same.

You feel your heart break,
As the one you thought you loved walks away.
And you know this pain sharply,
But it will slowly fade away.
You find you miss them,
For moments each day.
But then slowly that pain leaves you,
And you feel refreshed and new.
You finally feel that feeling again,
But its something new.
Each love you feel growing,
Is different and blissful.

People are here for a reason,
A season, or a lifetime.
You will know which is which,
Through the pain in your heart.
The first will teach a lesson,
About who you really are.
The next will bring you joy,
For a period of time.
The last will bring you joys,
And small pains aside.
But they will leave you full,
And with a feeling of pride.

The greatest healing for pain
Is the love that one can provide.
It helps ease the tension
And relieves what is deep inside.
When love is amazingly prevalent
The pain has nothing left to do but subside.

You have loved and you have lost,
And that really is okay.
Everyone has experienced this,
Even if it’s not in the same way.
Eventually it will be time to move
And view what lies ahead.
It’s better than sitting in the dark moment instead.

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Love is a beautiful thing
When it is true love.
It can cure the hardaches
That you face.
Even the ones that you bring.
Tough times too will end.
Allow your heart to always sing.

Each lost love leaves its mark.
A footprint on the heart.
Memories that are kept guarded in the soul.
Slow to fade from our lives the loves who make us whole.
Let bitterness blow away replaced by openness for a new love to
come your way.


The pain of loosing isn’t hard to master.
Time moves slowly. Each minute echoes loud.
When you master loosing you will feel quite proud.
The pain of loosing love isn’t hard to master.
Every fiber aching until you close your eyes.


Each new day a rollercoaster of emotion when I remember you are not here.
That our love was so fragile it slipped into shards sharper than a knife.
Knowing this pain I turn to the wall wondering if it would have been better
to have no love at all.

Love is not all wine and roses; A comforting haze of bliss; A pox on anyone who supposes; Life’s answer is a kiss; Arguments and distance can; Squash all that love can give; If you can cut love from life’s plan; You might have longer to live.

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Sometimes it hurts to love someone; The passion is so great; It might seem like you’re having fun; Cavorting with your date; But secretly you fear to lose; The attention of your lover; You dread to think that she might choose; Affection from another

To be in love is to expose; Your heart to constant pain; To prick yourself upon a rose; To slowly go insane; Love’s a mystery you’ll never solve; Despite your many years; If you’re not careful, you’ll dissolve; Under love’s many tears

The truth is that even when you hurt me
I know that deep in my heart
I really do still love you
When we have our nasty fights
I dream of making it right
I am told that our love is wrong
And that I should run away
There is something about our love, though
That always makes me stay
Even when we argue and I start to cry
I know that I will love you forever
I just wish for a better life
For us both to be happy and rid of pain
I wish for forgiveness and truth
For a rainbow after all of this rain

I can barely remember the days
When our love was easy
It seems that now
Everyday is a struggle
I used to feel so secure in your love
Now, I wait by the phone
Never knowing if you will call
Or if you will be too busy
I wish I could remember the days
When you gave me all of your attention
I hope that one day
I will be important enough to you
That you come back to me

Loving you has always been worth the pain
Even when getting your attention feels like a game
I know that we have been through alot
I’ll always giving you another shot
There’s something about you that makes me forget
All of the pain and mean things you said
My friends all told me I should pack up and go
But somehow my love for you
Only continues to grow
Maybe I’m delusional and all of this is wrong
Our relationship plays out like a bad love song
I’m sorry if I’m the one who makes you leave
With your cryptic text messages, you always deceive
I know you are working hard to be a better person
I hope you change your ways before my patience worsens

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i trusted you
more than i should
i believed you
every lie i
thought was true
who knew words
could hurt so much
i love you so
much it hurts
my heart lays on
the floor
you betrayed me
and caused me pain
but i still love you so

i told you i love you
i loved you for years
but you couldn’t hear it
loving me meant you
had to change
so you ran scared
loving me meant you had
to choose
so you shut me out
i loved you for so
many years
but you just left
me standing there

my heart is broken
my eyes are wet
i can’t believe you
said that
i hide my pain
and keep
moving on
i don’t know
what to say or do
my heart aches for you
even though
i’m mad at you
i hate myself
for still loving you

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I’m not imploring you to adore me. I’m not by any stretch of the imagination notwithstanding asking you. Be that as it may, isn’t it aright. In the event that I appreciate that trust in my heart? On the off chance that I long for simply grasping, It will hurt me not you. I will endeavor to shield my eyes from sparkling when they see you. Furthermore, I guarantee I will make an effort not to grin an extraordinary grin when you make proper acquaintance. yet, kindly Don’t ask me not to adore you

What’s the utilization of a heart when your heart gets broken what’s the utilization of breath on the off chance that you make me short of breath what’s the utilization of a spirit if yours spirit gets stolen what’s the utilization of discourse in the event that you never address me what’s the purpose of sentiments in the event that somebody loathes you for them what’s the purpose of you and me on the off chance that you realize it will never work out however I figured it would so here I lay crying on the floor “I cherished you regardless I do.” But you proceed to overlook my inclination for you.

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Pain a sentiment of despart another equivalent word for this word is love in this life,love and agony are yin and yang never consider them to appear as something else or equivalents always they met up opening up wounds from the past prepared to cry in this feeling envy it resembles wanting for death extremely fixed in existence finishing this torment must be difficult prepared as I ever be to end this torment