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Poems About Life Struggles

Everyone has struggles that they face throughout their lives. Some people are more vocal about what they go through while others keep quietly to themselves. Sometimes if we are going through rough times, all we need to know is that someone else can relate to what we are going through. If you suspect that someone is having a hard time, even if they are quiet about it, it may be wise to send them a card with an encouraging message. This is the least invasive way to motivate someone who is facing a life struggle but may not want to talk about it openly. Sending them a short poem that lets them know that you understand that life can be tough may be exactly what they need to start opening up and begin thier process of healing from what life has thrown at them. In a society that sometimes tells us what emotions are supposed to look like, sometimes we need to hear that it’s okay to be sad during the struggles that life throws at us. It’s okay to be sad, but it is also going to get better.

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

You don’t have to worry for anything
It’s doesn’t matter what he did to you
You work so hard, so enjoy your life
You’re beautiful, your smart and you work really hard
I’m telling you know, don’t let this be the start
Of something bad, you got this I’m telling you now
You’ll figure this out, someway somehow

Waking up, I’m on the clock
I missed my bus, just my luck
I guess I’ll walk, No way I broke my heel
Tell me this didn’t happen, can’t be real
Could this day get any worse?
Oh man, I left my purse

It’s that time again
Can barely pay my rent
Working day and night
Without seeing a cent
My shirt has a rip
My pants are filthy, too tight
I see my child, looking to me
I hope I influence them right
Why does this have to be so hard?
Life isn’t fair
Yet, never go down, without a fight

I wanted to write a poem. I wanted to write about something cuddly and warm.
Something short and sweet.
But I could not write a poem. I just sat and had a brainstorm.
A light bulb has just lit up in my head and I think I just wrote a poem.

He was young and deadly.
He believed that he had a lot of soul. But he lived in a cold world.
A dark past that kept pulling him back.
He knew that someday he would probably die on the streets.
But this was a destiny that he would have to meet

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Her life was like a chain of dominoes and this gave her a frown.
Every time she tried to move up, some people tried to knock her down.
She finally thought out loud. That she was hanging around with the wrong crowd.
She had to get on the right track. And into her life bring some positivity back.

Life is like a poker hand
Not knowing what will be dealt
Sometimes cards fall our way
The impact seen and felt
There are those that seem to live a life
Full of happiness and charm
Let me tell you everyone
Will see night before they see dawn

When I was a child my life was so much simpler
Playing in the garden and dancing in the sprinkler
But now that I am older it gets harder every day
All I have are memories of how I used to play

Life is about perspective
It’s how you see the world
I have been an optimist
Since I was a little girl
Nothing gets me down
For more than a minute or two
It’s finding a solution
That always gets me through

Eyes fixed on the noose above your head
Feet heaped on the stool beneath you
Breaths count as you,re scared to make a choice
No one sees the darkness within you.
Tears drop from lids to stool
Cold feet sweating wet as you sink in thoughts
Pain traps every air you breathe
No one understands nor feels the hurt.
Thoughts flash at alarming speeds
As you wrap death around your neck
Fear lends you a hand to push your feet
But you shoved it off and took a seat.
You dwell on the hurt of an escaped execution
An attempted suicede fills your thoughts
Life gave you another chance today
So live to die anothr day.

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I sit and wonder how long
And how deep I’ve pondered on fake thoughts
Everything I felt was false
All I hoped strayed from what it was.
I think deep, dashing back in time
To seek answers if I’d find
I’ve created many futures in the past
But lived this one at last
I’ve waisted years in vain pursuit
I’ve had an “almost love” experience
I’ve been a fool
I’ve held on to what’s not there
I’ve cried for the unreal
I’ve been broken for the spurious
I’ve felt what’s surreal
I’ve made mistakes so hideous.

Life is forever
It’s stressful
Forever going
Everyone has good and bad days
It’s making me cry
Sorry to my parents
Sorry to my mentors
The work is hard
Relying on parents aren’t working
Each day is a struggle
Started to pay attention more
Started to read more
Forgot about all the stress lately
Unless people sometimes in life
Looking foolish sometimes to impress
Stop looking foolish on my way to fall
Alright, it’s tie to stop
Realizing what I’ve done
Each day is still a mess.

I don’t understand you,
What goes on in your brain?
I’m perfect,
I’ve done everything right,
You don’t help out,
You never do the chores,
Stop you’re offending me,
You hurt my feelings,
Grow up, be mature,
Pull your own weight, there’s other people in this house.

Mentally, I hear you,
Pounding inside my brain—
Let me out, I want to play,
But I don’t like you,
You never make it fun—
I promise I won’t hurt you this time,
No I don’t trust you,
I want to get help—
We don’t need anyone else but you and me.


How do you know?
What life has in store,
Are you making the right choice?
Is he the one you’re meant to marry?
Will this job teach you something?
Does this person contribute to my life?
How do you know?

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Depression is a poison,
It seeps into your mind.
It constantly berates you,
And corrodes your very will.
It never let’s you fully rest,
Carrying this hefty weight.
But you have to keep on going,
You can never give in.

You’re walking through the park,
And it’s such a pretty day.
You wonder what the mistress Fate,
Will throw at you today.
There are happy people walking,
And there’s smiles all around.
You’re smiling on the outside,
But inside you wear a frown.
For in you there’s a struggle,
A battle of the wills.
Should you go to work today,
Or should you swallow all these pills?
You never know which side will win,
And it has you worried so.
But do not fret for Fate is here,
She’s brought a soul that’s kind to you,
And takes away your fear.
A soul to brighten up you day,
And send you on your merry way.

You shake,
It’s uncontrollable.
You don’t quite know what is making you so nervous.
Your heart is racing,
Palms sweating.
You feel like you’re going to throw up.
You’re not sure you can handle this,
But you don’t even know what “this” is.
Your anxiety riddled mind is racing,
Trying to figure out what is wrong.
Your breaths are coming quick,
Much to fast.
You freeze,
Realizing you are having a panic attack.
You curl into a ball,
Holding yourself together.
You force yourself to take slow breaths,
And wait for the panic to be gone.

I understand that it has been rough
I am sorry for what you have endured.
I wish for you, that once again
You will allow your spirit to be stirred.
To feel deeply yet again, is an incredible gift.
Hopefully this time, there will not be as much dirt
Through which you will have to sift.

Life is tough,
This definitly is a fact.
But you can keep on moving,
Even if you’ve been attacked.
It might not have been just,
It might not have been fair,
But there are those that surround you
You truly, absolutely care.

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Everyone will have trials
This is a fact of life
That everyone can relate to.
At one point or another
But these will pass.
Do not get too caught up in the dirt
For you may miss the beauty that is hidden within.

We may think the decks are stacked against us,
day will not turn to night, nothing ever right.
Rise your head for a moment, friend and take a look around.
Abounding beauty in the sky, a smile on someone’s lips.
It is these little things which bring joy
when it seems life slips.

Life can seem a mountain one trip and down you fall.
One foot in front of the other learning how to stand tall.
Peaks rise in the distance, valleys down below.
Before you know it, the path is clear
spread out before you are all
your heart holds dear.

Days dark as rain clouds linger,
the soul a heavy weight.
Wondering if life will always have it’s heavy hand upon you.
Have hope in yourself, believe you can.
It is only by moving forwards we can
become ourselves again.

We often have save away; To pay our many bills; We often have to slave away; To ward off all life’s ills; Sometimes it is a burden just; To be a human on Earth; But to live it seems we must; Work hard to prove our worth!

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Life is full of many chores; That ceaselessly wear us down; Cooking food and mopping floors; And shopping all through town; It seems we have to do so much; Starting right at birth; I’d give anything for human touch; To remind me what I’m worth

It seems life’s purpose is to break; Our bodies and our souls; No matter what we do or make; We’re still far from our goals; The rich folks must be on easy street; All worries cast aside; But I will not admit defeat; I’ll fight through life with pride!

When you are feeling down
When the days seem much too long
I want you to know that I am here
To listen to all of your worries
And wipe away your tears
I will be here until you gather your strength
To fight the battles I know the battles That you are so capable of beating

Some days it just feels like I’m barely scraping by
I get discouraged, wondering why I should even try
So many bills and debt to pay
Always worried about how much I weigh
Tired of crying myself to sleep
In the night, I can’t help but weep
Feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders
So heavy it feels like a boulder
Hopefully there will come a day
When I can bravely say
That I’ve beaten all the struggles
And gone through enough pain
To reap life’s sweet rewards
Peace and happiness, I will finally gain

It seems like the last few days
Have been nothing but dull and grey
My hope has been dwindling
With many challenges ahead
Some days it’s a struggle to get out of bed
When I notice that these feelings are brewing
I try to focus on the good in life
Instead of all my pain and strife
To get my mind to stop stewing
On all the bad things from the past
Telling myself these bad feelings won’t last
Talking about my pain makes me feel better
I know that soon, I will see brighter weather

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sometimes things happen
no matter what you do
life can take a turn
before a blink of an eye
it can change
and make you cry
and sometimes make
you smile
it can be a roller
coaster and take
you for a ride

work all day
paycheck to paycheck
more bills than money
life seems to hit real hard
the struggles are real
money for that
money for this
my paycheck will
never cover this
life can hit you hard
struggle struggle
it’s to real

what will happen next
i’m only so strong
life seems to get
the best of me
oh lord what is next
i can only
take a few more
curve balls here
money needed there
life doesn’t seem to care

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An excess of disgrace
Heaps and hills of it
A soiled, chaotic grave
You, a reluctant dead
Covered far below.
Just the same old thing new under the sun
Somebody’s been appropriate here previously.
It’s dependent upon you to remain covered
Or on the other hand to rise once more
Disregard the chaos as it don’t make a difference
Decide to live

Life is a chance, advantage from it.
Life is excellence, respect it.
Life is a fantasy, acknowledge it.
Life is a test, meet it.
Life is an obligation, complete it.
Life is an amusement, play it.
Life is a guarantee, satisfy it.
Life is distress, defeated it.
Life is a tune, sing it.
Life is a battle, acknowledge it.
Life is a disaster, go up against it.
Life is an undertaking, challenge it.
Life is karma, make it.
Life is excessively valuable, don’t decimate it.
Life will be life, battle for it.

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Two streets wandered in a yellow wood,
Furthermore, sorry I couldn’t travel both
Furthermore, be one explorer, long I stood
Furthermore, looked down one to the extent I could
To where it bowed in the undergrowth;
At that point took the other, as similarly as reasonable
Also, having maybe the better case,
Since it was lush and needed wear;
In spite of the fact that concerning that, the going there
Hard worn them extremely about the equivalent,
What’s more, both that morning similarly lay
In leaves no progression had trodden dark
Goodness, I kept the first for one more day!
However realizing how path leads on to way,
I questioned in the event that I should ever return.
I will tell this with a murmur
Some place ages and ages subsequently:
Two streets wandered in a wood, and I –
I took the one less gone by,
Furthermore, that has had a significant effect.