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Poems About Immigration

The process of immigration can be scary, as so many mixed emotions are involved in it. When you enter into a new country, there are new opportunities that await as well as brand new fears. Many questions start to come up that you didn’t have to deal with previously. You may wonder what others will think of you. You may question how well you will be accepted in a land that is new to you. You may desire to fit in but question how you will do this while still keeping your own culture alive in your life. However, if you or someone you know has ever gone through the process, you will understand that you have sound advice that you have to offer that other people do not. You can comfort those who are going through this and let them know that the end result will be worth it. Use these poems as special words of comfort for those who are facing the strenuous process of immigration. They may end up appreciating the poem or words of encouragement more than you will know.

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

Yes I do love him
This love is real
More than the eyes can see, More than anyone could ever feel
Who are you to tell me
Whether he leave or stays
It’s not our fault,
He was born far away
Please don’t take him
We’re building a family here
His face I never see again
Is what I fear

Just a little longer to freedom will be
The sun so strong
Just a little longer my darling, Won’t be too long
Get down
Get down
Don’t let them see your face,
We will soon be in a safe place

One does not know
What the love of a parent will do
To save their child
From all of the cruel
Give them freedom
Give them a voice
Don’t blame the child
For it isn’t their choice
Keeping them safe
Is what any parent must do Running
To be free from any rule.

Home of the brave, land of the free
That’s what they said
The American dream was dream for many
So they risked everything to cross the border
To get a chance of starting a new life
But they lied, they decided to close their borders on immigrants
That’s why they are building a wall

Sniffer dogs and border patrol
Beefed up security armed with rifles
They are afraid of the immigrants
More than they are afraid of the criminals
They said America was built on the back of immigration
But look at them now, they have forgotten their history.

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Let me tell you a story
Of pain and glory
Leaving your own motherland in search of greener pastures
But finding out that the grass is only green where you water it
People leaving their loved ones behind in search of better fortunes
Only to discover that they are not welcomed in their new home
Immigration has turned into a bitter sweet symphony

It is without hesitation that you should find in any nation
The pure of heart, the great, the good, the poor, the sick, misunderstood
Wherever you may walk, fly, ride, sail, or roam
Remember that within your heart resides your one true home

A whole new world to explore
Information to devour
A culture different from our own
A place to make into a home
Accepting things that don’t feel right
Succumbing to societal strife
Making peace within oneself
Improving hands that have been dealt

Travelling to a whole new place
Seen the world in a better state
Trying to make a decent living
Spending far too much time giving
Taking time to smell the flowers
Dancing in the spring rain showers
Taking each day as it comes
Appreciating the abundance

People immigrate to a new country for different reasons
A new job/ A beeter career
Escape famine
For peace
So their offsprings can be a citizen of better country
To get a better education
But above everything
It is to have a better life

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After being humiliated one continues the manuscript of identity.
Activities, diseases, doldrums, the crony affair after the situation,
the one where one faces how one is the undertaste,
how one isn’t the neighbor, the piebaker, a white folk. How one isn’t a gorgeous
dream wrapped up in tireless affection, primped for wider screens.
So there one grew, in the coffee sickness, the dictionary browsing
in a fury for the word entitlement to spill—
After convulsing with rage, one continues in the aftermath
of no friends on Tuesdays or shouting fiercely when nothing sobered
to the eleventh hour and the tide shrunk to its sense of privacy where it
had nothing to do with shores or moons, and humiliation sat on its lover’s
knee, greeting the eccentric rich and the hourglass with such force
the rage enameled like fine paint to a sheen of deep blue.
Restless in the way that stirs the crowd to its feet to claim the encounter
for the intentions of personal gain without the empire, without the
embarrassment of shaking one’s head, of resting it underneath the ground, to live sanctioned in the migrancy with an ugly plate for the economy but working ever
so hard. So unplanned, so beyond what one did before the lack of dignity sang an opera. And organized all the ideas, before rage shot a bird that had once watched effortlessly all the comings and goings.

Today, I walk with fire in my soul
living between untethered moments
of rapture and heartache.
Demanding you to take me as I am.
Take my mundane mind and turn me into something extraordinary.
Take my molded soul and unravel me into ribbons of pure emotion
As we collide in one desperate and beautiful movement.
Leave me with nothing,
Leave me with everything.
Surrender me to your wild and unyielding ways.
So achingly seized by this moment that we are left breathless.

Countless hours wandering in the dark,
Shh, you need to be silent.
Hearts pounding, wondering, have we made it?
A star shoots across the sky,
The hope for a better future.
What happens next?
A horse neighs in the night,
A wagon to bring us to safety,
How will life be now?

Potatoes are scarce,
It’s getting colder,
It’s time to make a move,
Dad goes to the bondholder,
Tickets are purchases,
The bags are packed,
All aboard the ship,
Mum just yakked,
Days go by,
We finally make it,
To America we set foot,
Asking for work permits.

Standing in line,
It seems to go on forever,
No one is moving,
And they don’t care at all,
I need to pee,
I feel like I’m in detention,
And the principle is watching me squirm,
Passport please,
What is your purpose here?

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Life can be hard,
But leaving promises something better.
To get there takes some time,
And a strength you have to carry.
You end up leaving your home,
All things familiar are left behind.
For something is better,
When you make it to the other side.
The paper work is lengthy,
And it’s a process that takes time.
But you get through it all together,
And begin to make your way.
Your new life is teeming,
With options great and small.
You did it,
You made it,
Once and for all.

You leave your home country,
For the land of the free.
You take a boat, plain, or train,
And you finally begin to see.
This new country is now home,
And you need to find work.
You have a green card visa,
And you start to look.
Everything changed so quickly,
You have hardly a head start.
But you made it freedom,
And you can get a new start.

The travel made you weary,
The paper work took a long time,
But finally you have made it,
And soon it’s time to start.
Finding work will not be easy,
There is not a guarantee.
But you made it to America,
The land of the free.

Entering another country
Can be like entering another world
At first, it may seem scary
But take heart, you have got this
Even when it may seem tough.
This is only the beginning
Of the rest of your journey.

The road ahead will be hard,
And yet, still filled with wonder.
I am proud of the step you made
To enter into some place new.
There is a lot to learn in a new country
But keep your values close to your heart
And you will, no doubt, do well.

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Congratulations, you made it.
To the place where you intended.
Now is your time to explore.
But do not forget your roots.
Every area has a culture of their own
And is waiting for more to enter through its gates.

How does one navigate a new place?
When words are hard to come by, isolation rears it’s head.
How does one connect?
A game of soccer, a cup of tea, pictures of family.
Then it is no so hard to see our community is wider then
we ever thought it would be.


Wrapped in love, stuffed into suitcases
mere memories of a place once called home.
Left now on the doorstep of the past.
People passing through ports of entry
enter a life different from one left behind.
Before each immigrant is a map waiting to be read.

Movement of people, ideas, a way of life.
Immigration melts the borders between countless countries.
Carefully packed trunks, or hastily packed bags
what one has arrives on new shores.
Stronger still is what lies within oneself
to start again new.

They arrive upon our shores and borders; Immediately, we give them orders; Get in this line, get in that; fill out this form, you dirty rat; Because they’re foreign, we may view them; As something far ess than human; But we were all once immigrants, too; So it’s a shame what we put them through.

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They come from distant, foreign lands; Across the seas, and across the sands; Escaping poverty and strife; Searching for a better life; Families often hungry and poor; Coming with less and wanting more; This is a land of opportunity; Treat them as neighbors, and that’s what they’ll be

Immigrants are not all poor; Some are, in fact, quite wealthy; Immigrants are not all sick; Many, in fact, are healthy; It’s sad that we’re so quick to judge; People from other lands; It’s a shame that we bear such a grudge; And slap away their hands; Underneath our surface skins; We’re really all the same; Should we commit such heinous sins; And be human only in name?

When the world feels cold
I want to you know
You belong here
As much as anyone else
Gather your strength
Move forward
Prove your worth
You are a rightful citizen
I appreciate all of your hard work
Dedication and bravery
Has brought you to this land
I want you to know that I care
I will always offer to take a stand

When people ask where I’m from
I would like to say “I’m from here”
For I have made friends in America
They are the ones that I hold dear
But If I am being completely honest
I would have to say
That I am actually from a country
That is very far away
Even though I may not look it
I am a lot different from you
I am immigrated to America
But I am a citizen, brave and true
Next time I am asked where I am from
I know what I will say
“I am an immigrant
Who proudly lives in the USA!”

Coming to a new country
Was my family’s decision
We came here for a better life
Working hard with precision
When I am called an Immigrant
I am proud and not ashamed
I know all the sacrifice it took
All that my family gave
Working hard is in our blood
We deserve to live here
My family is enough
Smiling through our tears
I am a now a citizen
So this country is mine
It makes me feel proud
My identity, I will never hide

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there not from here
but that doesn’t
mean we don’t care
there new and just
want to be free
from near or far
they just want to be heard

they cross the border
sometimes illegally
but all they want
is to be free
they do what
they can they do
what they think is right
they just want to
be free

you don’t understand
most of us don’t
we don’t watch the news
and sometimes we
don’t vote
what is immigration
and where do you stand
we don’t know because
because some things
we don’t understand

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A nation whose boulevards are cleared with gold
That gold being opportunity
“In the event that I state run, you run.”
“In the event that I state conceal, you cover up.”
“In the event that I state swim, you swim.”
The adventure is a troublesome one
It is a perilous and slippery and awful ride
Individuals have been lost
Individuals will pass on
Just to come to nation.
Place that is known for the Free

Weeping willows little girl,
For what reason do you cry?
What do you grieve
That has fallen
To the dirt
Also, wilted?
It is
The workers dread
As their youngster is tore
It is
The youngster’s clear gaze
When they are won’t
What’s more, compelled to be
A spouse
These are the tears
Mother Earth cries
For her kids.
This is the reason my sorrow

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When we stir
This unscripted TV drama is outdated
The unfortunate casualties Americans not brought into the world with a silver spoon
The individuals who earned everything by buckling down
Some who were not brought into the world here
Settlers simply like our grandparents and Great grandparents
Congress will be bi-factional
Archie Bunker will be recognized as a dearest character
Not the individuals who will not comprehend that yesterday is a memory and tomorrow matters
Today is to be delighted in and put into planned
Esteem and regard people in spite of our disparities
There will dependably be awful dreams yet the bad dream ought to never have been chosen in any case