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Poems About Growing Up

When children are young, it always seems to be a desire of theirs to grow up as fast as they possibly can. As soon as they do grow up, they instantly find themselves wishing to be young again. This process can prove to be a difficult one as far as encapsulating feelings towards it goes.Depending on where you are at in life, it may seem as though childhood isn’t that far away and so it may be easier for you to conjur up the words that describe the process of growing up. For others, it may appear as though the process of growing up ended a long time ago. It’s important for us to remember, however, that we always have the capacity to learn and grow until the day we die. With this in mind, we may be able to better express the path of growing up through our joyful words. Think back to the precious memories that you had while growing up and come up with lessons that you have learned. This will allow you to begin a wonderful message that speaks highly of the process of growing up.

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

Late nights, school dances
Kids talking, all types of different classes
No fears, no struggles, times stay still
Always there will be a tomorrow
But never wallow in fear
You have an army here to help you
We will always be near

I know it can be scary, at one point I was too
But the world has endless options
Of things you can always do
Believe in yourself, never doubt it a bit
Always keep your head high
The world is an endless trip

Growing up can be hard, yet I’m telling you
You got this promise, it will soon be easy to do
Responsibilities await, yet were all here to help
Don’t feel afraid, will be here to help you with yourself
Growing up can be hard, yet I’m telling you
There’s no better team
Than the ones right behind you

You were once a tiny baby
Cute and adorable like a little puppy
Now you’re growing so tall
I wonder if you’ll remember it all
Your tiny shoes won’t fit you anymore
Your baby clothes have no use anymore
You’re growing up so fast
Your nursery days are now a distant past
I guess nothing lasts forever
Even babies become adults

Do you remember the day?
You took your first steps
There was nothing standing in your way
You moved so fast, as light as a feather
Do you remember the day?
You uttered your first words
Your eyes shone so bright
As you called me for the first time
Do you remember your first day at school?
How you cried when I let you go
Look at how far you’ve come
You’ve grown into a fine young man

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Oh how time flies,
Tomorrow becomes yesterday
The leaves turn into dust
The child becomes a man,
It is the way of the world
Growth is part of life
Childhood memories seem like ancient history
Don’t be afraid my child
This is part of growing up

Sometimes I hear the grownups say
I wish I could do it all again
Are they crazy, do they know
What it’s like to be so young
But then I see the old and grey
I am happy that I still can play
So I’ve decided that I shall be
As grown up as I want to be

Today is the oldest that I ever have been
I’ve witnessed things that I should never have seen
In my lifetime I’ve grown up so very fast
I had hoped that my childhood would always last

As a child I thought I’d be young forever
As an adult I learned this was wrong
My wrinkles are now more prominent
But I learned it would do me no harm
For inside every old person
There’s a child that just wants to play
I know that I feel thirteen inside
Does every old soul feel that way

Someday soon when I grow up
I’ll have a job to do
I’ll write a book or be a chef
Or work in a food industry
I might want to drive a bus
Or teach children to read
I’ll load a train or fly a plane
Or plant a little seed
I might want to fight a fire
Or be a nurse
I’ll build a house or sew a dress
Or sail the ocean
This were my dreams while growing up
I am a sailor now.

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I remember years ago,
you were so little then.
I can’t help but wish,
that you were small again.
I’ve cried when you’ve faced heartaches,
and saw, that as you grew,
nothing broke your Spirit,
instead it strengthened you.
I’m filled with mixed emotions,
as I hold back all the tears
and, with much pride remember,
back so many years.
When I first held you in my arms,
if only I’d have known,
the years would feel like moments,
after you had grown.
You aren’t a child,
though in my eyes,
I guess you’ll always be,
that baby boy who changed my life,
and means the world to me.

Why do we fight?
I’d really like to know.
I don’t think I can stand to put on this show.
It hurts me inside
and I see it hurts you too.
But I don’t think you understand what you put me through.
I’m growing up inside
but not the outside you see.
I think you still want me to be three.
It hurts me real bad
Worse than you know.
I want to grow up
I’m not asking to go.
You have to let me grow up sometime you see.
But I’m still not asking to be completely free.
I want your trust
and a bit of lee way too.
But that doesn’t mean I don’t still love you.
I’m not asking to leave
or grow up too fast.
I just wanna have fun without having to ask.

I remember you,
From way back when,
When technology didn’t exist.
You were my friend,
We made up games and had sleepovers every night.
I’d stay up late and tell you stories and secrets no one else knew.
But then one day we moved away,
And for some reason you couldn’t come.

Wake up,
It’s time to go,
We grab a Pop-Tart and run,
Down the street is where we met,
All the neighborhood kids,
We hack away at the trees,
We keep an eye out for animals like we are on the safari,
Adventurers in the mighty wilderness,
The sun starts to set,
We hear our mother’s call,
It’s time to turn back,
Until tomorrow’s adventure.

Dorky, weird, quiet,
Oh, she’s just the odd one of the bunch,
Loner, drummer, freak,
People just stared at me.
Pretty, normal, cute,
Wait, is that really you?
Talented, smart, put together,
My, how you’ve changed a lot,
You have really grown up.

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Growing up will always be a pain,
some days life just feels like one big game.
Whether you are happy or sad,
good or bad,
life always finds a way to make you grow up.
It is considered an honor to grow up,
but honestly some days it makes me want to just throw up.

Maturing always finds a way.
Growing up is something you can never really escape.
Although, as a child, you wish for nothing but to be older.
But as you age, you slowly become aware of how hard it is.
How hard life is in general. It may be a pain,
but its a pain worth living.

When you were a kid,
You wanted nother more than to be an adult.
You wanted freedom,
And to do whatever you wanted.
But growing up isn’t always easy,
For there are responsibilities to be had.
But it is still fun to be older,
With new adventures to be had.
That freedom you were craving,
Is now a freedom to be had.

I remember when you were little
Oh, how things have changed.
You have grown incredibly,
And amazed me with your ways
I pray that you will continue on this amazing path
For all the rest of your days.

Another year has passed,
It can be hard to believe.
But I know you still have motivation
Tucked underneath your sleeve.
We can learn as much as we can
But how much you loved
Will be most important when we are through.

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I cannot believe you are all grown up
You used to be so little.
Relish in this moment of your life right now.
For this too, will pass as quickly as the wind.
It’s invisible wings will carry you
To were you need to be.

You carry who you are forever in your heart.
Molded by the stars and collisions of faith.
Forgot what others think of you. Take pride in who you are.
Life is hard, do not doubt you will fall.
Yet all you know will help you grow.

Advice to the young-
Be courageous, inquisitive and kind.
Nurture friendships with more love then you know how to give.
Graciousness wins hearts more then brashness will.
Sharing really shows you care even if words are all you have spare.

Childhood is full of glitter, dragons, skinned knees.
Climbing trees watching clouds, investigating the life of bees.
Adolescence brings confusion- where does one belong?
High school happens quickly quirky as it is.
Knowing now more of who you want to be.

When you’re a kid, you always dream; Of growing big and tall; Sometimes you lack some self-esteem; From feeling short and small; You kids are very lucky, though; Despite your size and youth; You still have a ways to go; Before you learn hard truth!

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Your chest may feel too flat; Your arms may feel too thin; Stuck in a battle that; You think you cannot win; But growing up’s not what it looks; To be cracked up to be; It comes with reading several books; And responsibility!

Your body may seem strange; You may not feel that cool; Your voice may suddenly change; Till you sound like a fool; But though you might feel like a freak; And wish that you were dead; Live my life for just one week; And you’ll be glad you’re a kid instead!

When I look back on my childhood
I am grateful for all of the fun
Running through the sprinklers
Playing soccer in the sun
Everyday was a carefree adventure
I used to feel so free
Now it feels like everyone is pressuring me
It used to be easy, life was a breeze
Now my parents are saying “money doesn’t grow on trees”
I used to get whatever I want
Now If I ask for toys
Mom and dad just grunt
I know I am growing up
But I just don’t know
If I am ready
Or how it is going to go
I know I can get through it
Because I am strong
And my family loves me
So nothing can go wrong

When you are feeling stressed
I just want you to know
You are very brave
Like as superhero
Learning and growing
You do it so well
With every challenge
You always prevail
Growing up is hard
There is always lots to do
I just want to you know
I am so proud of you!

Trying so hard to be an adult
Wanting to make my parents proud
Although I still get nervous
When I’m in big crowds
Making good money
Finding a secure job
So much pressure
Sometimes I pray to God
That I will figure it all out
And get my life in line
I know that sooner or later
Everything will be just fine

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a blink of an eye
a twist of a tail
and they grow
up on you
from baby teeth
to losing teeth
from bottles to spoons
one blink and they
grow up on you
crawling, walking
now driving a car
they grow up on you

i went from crawling
to standing up
then i took
a step or two
time kept moving
and i kept growing
that little girl
now sixteen
with a car
and then you blink
and there she goes
in her cap and gown
time stands still as
you wait to walk
her down the aisle

time stand still
it’s going to fast
a baby once
then a child
a teen has come and gone
now college
a wedding some babies to
time stand still it’s
going to fast
there growing up
way to fast
no more needing
me now it’s
more stay out of my room
there growing up on you

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Relaxed by Time’s quintessential rich,
How smooth the trouble shows up
That compromised youth’s stronghold
What’s more, undermined the years!
Cut up now by more somber distresses,
We begrudge the despondency
That crushed youth’s domain,
So natural to repai

He looked for the old scenes with enthusiastic feet —
The scenes he had known as a kid;
“”Goodness, for a draft of those wellsprings sweet,
What’s more, a sample of that disappeared satisfaction!””
He meandered the fields, he charmed the streams,
His student ways attempted to follow;
The plantation ways reviewed his fantasies,
The slopes resembled his mom’s face.
O dismal, miserable slopes! O cool, cold hearth!
In distress he took in this reality —
One may come back to the spot of his introduction to the world,
He can’t return to his youth.

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There are gains for every one of our misfortunes,
There are medicine for all our agony:
Be that as it may, when youth, the fantasy, withdraws,
It takes something from our souls,
What’s more, it never comes back again.
We are more grounded, and are better,
Under masculinity’s sterner rule:
Still we feel that something sweet
Pursued youth, with flying feet,
What’s more, will never come back again.
Something delightful is evaporated,
What’s more, we moan for it futile:
We observe it all over the place,
On the earth, and noticeable all around,
Be that as it may, it never comes back again.