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Poems About Encouragement

We could all use encouragement sometimes. There are days where we need to hear encouragement because things just don’t seem to be working out for that particular day. There are times when we need to hear uplifting words, because we have been surrounding by the sad sound of discouragement for far too long and we begin to feel as though nothing in our situations will change. There are moments when we don’t necessarily need to hear words of encouragement, but our day appears to go better if we hear them anyway. On the other hand it’s also an amazing process to give away words of encouragement and somehow find yourself left with the feeling of having been encouraged yourself. A unique system is at work when you give away something that you yourself could use. So whether you came here looking to be encouraged yourself, or are looking to encourage someones else, I encourage you to look for more people that you can uplift with these thoughtful messages.

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

You got this, just keep going
No stalling, no hiding
It is the moment of truth
You got this, I believe in what you can do
Hold steady, stay calm, push forward, be strong
You will soon see, believe in yourself, you will soon be set free.

Some kind gestures, and safe smiles, is all we need at times
Nonjudgmental, understanding, helps us believe we can fly
The struggles, the challenges, yes may still be there
Yet moments of us still moving like this
Gives us something to look forward to and day of full bliss

Never stop for one moment, in believing in yourself
You are stronger that you’ll ever know, trust me when I say
We’ve all been there too, walking a crooked line, not knowing what to do
But there’s a light waiting for you, grab it the opportunity is there for you

Life is a journey with different roads
Sometimes you feel high sometimes you feel low
Sometimes it rains sometimes there’s sunshine
Whenever you’re feeling low just know that it will come to pass
So keep your chin up and let the world see you shine

Some days you just want to lay in bed all day
These are the slow type of days
When you feel sad and dull
These are the days when you question your purpose
Just know that nothing lasts forever
And even the sun shines after a heavy rain

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Life is hard and that’s no surprise
One day you’re the king and another time you’re down in the gutter
So listen up my children
Everything has its time
Everything has its place
Listen up my young ones, never quit in this life
For nothing good ever came without a sacrifice

You have come this far but do not stop
The greater the view when seen from the top
Be sure to take a rest awhile
Then back up enjoy the climb
For nothing ventured, nothing gained
So nothing changes but remains the same

You got this it’s easy it’s what you do best
Do not fall prey to your conscience
I know you can do this and you know it too
So do it and no more of this nonsense

A kind word and a nod
Is often all it takes
An acknowledgement of worth
Encouragement does make
So appreciate the effort
That goes into a task
Or even for a small favour
That nobody did ask
Well done my friend
Goes a very long way
In turning around a lonely day

Life is unpredictable
It changes with the seasons
Even your coldest winter
Happens for the best of reasons
And though it feels eternal
Like all you’ll ever do is freeze
I promise spring is coming
And with it, brand new leaves

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When into sorrow, my poor soul sinks
When a sound of despair in my heart rings
I’m strongly pushed to do my best
By a voice that says,
“There is still hope you dare not rest.”
When chains of sorrow surround me well
When in my self, I feel like hell
I’m forced to face life with its tests
By a voice that says,
“There is still hope you dare not rest.”
When I just feel like crying aloud
When all my worries rise like a cloud
I’m guarded safe like a bird in its nest
By a voice that says,
“There is still hope you dare not rest.”
From all my fears, I now am free
I’m good and strong, I could clearly see,
But can anyone say, is it from east or west
That I hear the voice,
“There is still hope you dare not rest.”
With hope and courage, I just am full
Because of the voice, that gave me a very strong pull
It’s my loving God, the unseen guest
Who says,
“There is still hope you dare not rest.”

When your mind is set
On a splendid thing you want to do,
There are some who will shrug,
Like you don’t have a clue.
When you proceed,
Some will say it can’t be done
And that there is really no need
For you to take it on.
And halfway through,
Some may deem your progress small,
Or others will ask if what you’re doing
Is even worthwhile at all.
But when you succeed,
Then with flattering tongue,
The same folks will say they knew
That you’d do it all along.
Now, folks may mean well
When they say it can’t be done,
But then who is to lose
If they are actually wrong?
But if you take note of why
Some doubt your point of view
And stick close to those
Who see the strength in you,
If you put your faith in God,
No matter how tough it may seem,
If you work hard, if you believe,
You will achieve your dream.
For what others think,
Whether or not you’re strong or smart,
Sometimes, doesn’t really count
As what you believe in your heart.

Hey, you!
Yeah, you!
You’re looking fine today.
Got that swagger on you like Jesus.
You’re hair flowing in the wind,
You can conquer the world.
Nothing can stop you today!
Rocking those old school kicks,
And your hand on your hip,
Tell the world,
It is your day!

Life can be so high sometimes,
And other times it can feel so low,
But don’t let the ways of this messed up world,
Bring down the spirit inside of you.
We don’t have to have it all figured out,
That’s the beauty of life,
Just ride it all out,
Like a surfer in the ocean,
Waiting for his perfect wave.

I don’t know who you are,
And I don’t know where you’re going
But I know someone who loves you,
And I know He’ll always be there.
He will help you feel anew,
Like a better, more improved you,
But only if you give Him your heart.
Trust me, He’s worth it.
He’ll really change your life,
His planner is greater than I ever thought my life would look like.
If it weren’t for Him,
I’d be dead.

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It’s in the dark we learn our strength,
As we stumble and all,
Bruise and bloody ourselves.
Walking the paths set before us,
For in the dark the pebble is a boulder,
The crows call is a demon’s wail,
The cracks in the sidewalk are like bridgeless chasms.
We learn our strength in that moment,
When the light isa blotted from our eyes,
Standing stubborn,
Refusing to fall prey,
As the ground at our feet erodes away.
We push with all our might,
Against the opressive blanket of night,
That drapes down,
Threatening to smother us.
If only we could remember to reach out,
To ignore the dark whispers of lonliness,
To grasp the hand of those nearest to us.
We learn our strength in the dark,
When we forget to be alone.
When we ban together,
When we find the hope in each other,
We spark a wild fire that sets the abyss on it’s heels,
That is our strength,
Learned in the dark.
That together we have hope,
Together we have light,
But if only we reach out.

You are stronger than you realize,
You always press on.
You are always steady,
Even when you feel like you’re not.
You are really amazing,
But you’re modest too.
Even when you’re not okay,
I know you will always pull through.
I believe in you so much,
You give me strength when I need it too.

You feel oppressed by the darkess,
But you reach out your hand.
Someone always takes it,
And guides you on your way.
You have strength beyond measure,
Fighting back your pain.
But it’s this fight that keeps you going,
Because you know it will end someday.
You carry light in your heart,
To light others ways.
And the light we all carry,
Helps bring you our way.
We all stand together,
Giving our support.
For helping each other,
Shows we give our love.
And we can do it all together,
You can share with us all.

You can do it, you have got this.
Don’t listen to another thought
You are a priceless gem
Nowhere can you be bought.
I know it can hard at times
To keep on moving ahead
But when you do get down
Remember what I have said.

Life can throw some hurdles
That maybe you did not expect.
But do not worry,
You do not need to allow them to overcome you.
Never forget, you always have the capacity
To come out on top of things.

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Whenever you feel like you can’t,
Remember when you could.
Go back all of those questions of whether or not you should.
How did you feel after you finally made that leap?
Typically our jump is never quite as steep as what we used to remember.

Each step forward creates a new path.
Push past the familiar and face your brave.
Laugh with the innocence of a child,
cherish what you have.
Every wish can be hung upon a star.
Show the world who you are.

The world has been waiting for just who you are.
Time to step into your truth.
The journey to yourself begins with a single step.
Will you spend the years wondering who you could have been?
There is always time to begin.

The road to your destination may to be always be straight
Take time now to enjoy the journey, glory in each step.
Not all can say they have the courage to try
when their well of inspiration has run dry.

When the world seems frightening; When everything is grim; When you get struck by lightning; Or when the light grows dim; Remember that you’re still alive; There’s always another day; Stand up, fight, move forward, strive; To find a better way!

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Some days the future seems too bleak; It’s hopeless to even try; Some days your body feels too weak; You can’t even open an eye; If you believe that you have the will to do; More than you thought you could; Then maybe you can make your dreams come true; And turn your bad to good!

If there was ever a job to complete; You thought you’d never get done; If there was ever a foe to defeat; A battle that could not be won; Listen to me, I have something to say; If you feel at the end of your rope; With all of your might, you can push through the day; As long as you don’t give up hope!

I know life is not always easy
Although some days
I wish it could be breezy
You always seem to cheer me up
You always tell me “don’t give up”
Today I ask that you take your our advice
You should cheer up!
Don’t make me tell you twice

Even in your darkest days
You never disappoint
In the ways you show your strength
And persevere in many ways
I will always be here to cheer you on
With you by your side, nothing can go wrong
Things will get better, I promise

When it feels like the world is dark and cold
I will be here to bring you warmth
The days of struggling have not been easy
I have seen you bare the brunt of everyone’s pain
On the exterior you seem so strong
I know that there is just so much going on
It seems like chaos in your head
You even have trouble sleeping in your bed
I’m so sorry for all that you have endured
Soon, you will find the light
Life will not seem like such a fight
Until then, I will be here
Holding your hand tight
While you may feel much sorrow
I promise it will all be better tomorrow

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don’t give up
keep pushing through
don’t quit now
i’m rooting for you
close your eyes
and count to ten
you got this you got this
my friend
don’t runaway
or get discouraged
i’m here giving you courage
you got this my friend

way to go
keep it up
your going far
don’t back down
we’re all here to cheer you on
there you go
don’t stop now
you got this
make us proud
way to go
keep it up
your going to make
i have no doubt

i believe in you
in all that you do
i know deep down
you believe in you to
i know you can
i know you will
i believe in you still
keep on going
have some faith
believe in you
believe in this
because i believe in you still

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I realize that to where you
I know to where I have a place
Be that as it may, I lose my day in the middle
I know where I am going as well
In any case, I lose my heading
I realize that I have the potential
To feel free to exceed expectations through
So might want to make new arrangements
With the goal that things remain and new!
I will leave an imprint without a doubt!

Just let go of things
You should relinquish things of past
The occasions when you were so last
Relinquish your hindrances throughout everyday life
There is another battle every day and endeavor
In the event that you realize your objective is close
At that point for what reason do your ever need to fear
Life won’t be same every day
So feel free to have your state!
Since today is genuinely another day

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When you think beyond practical boundaries throughout your life
When you think ambitiously throughout everyday life,
Try not to think about every one of the obstructs that will come
Your mind will acknowledge the truth
The things that will turn into
You should go that additional mile
To accomplish what you need throughout everyday life
In any case, you can do that with certainty
Also, your pretty grin!
When you think ambitiously throughout everyday life