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Morning Poems

Mornings are meant to show that new beginnings happen all of the time. Start off your day by making someone else smile in the morning. Let that person know that you are thinking of them in the early hours of the day. We all need pick-me-ups at times. While a caffineated beverage might sometimes do it, a message to go along with it can’t hurt. Think about all of the things you could say to brighten someone else’s start to their day. You could talk to them about what a wonderful person you think they are. You could also talk about how each morning is equal to a fresh start, reminding them of all the good things that are in store for them. Don’t limit yourself to just one mode of thinking. Instead, imagine up the creative ways that you could say “hello” so someone at the start of their day. It’s amazing how you can feel so full of love by thinking about someone else. Be intentional with making someone’s morning beautiful and you may just find that your mornings will become brighter as a result.

How to Create the Perfect Card - Examples

The moon is now gone, the birds are all out
Sounds of chirping in the morning, as I awake to the sounds
The sun hits my face, as I struggle to open my eyes
Stretching my rested body, as enjoyment feels me inside

Waking to silence, a moment for myself
No feeling in the world, could prepare me for this
I make my coffee, open my book and enjoy true bliss
The shower is running, my day has begun
A morning so peaceful, as I enjoy the sun

Seeing the gold sunshine, peeking on my window seal
I began to open my eyes, to feel the warmth of the sun within
I stay laying in my bed, looking out my window, so calmly and free
Such an amazing moment, a moment made just for me

On a beautiful Sunday morning
The sun rays penetrate through the open window
Lighting up the dim room
Another beautiful day is upon us
Birds can be heard singing outside
What a lovely feeling it is to be alive
On this Sunday morning

The morning sun lights up the blue sky
The cold morning breeze blows away the fallen leaves
Aroma of the breakfast fills up the house
People waking up to a new day
It’s morning again, time to start another day

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Waking up in the morn.
Feeling happy and reborn.
Through the window and into the curtain shines the morning sun.
A new day has come and with it another second chance
To correct the mistakes of yesterday
I wake up in the morning feeling like a star

Morning breeze lifts up my hair
Sunrise melts the cold night air
Dewdrops glisten on the grass
Birdsong fills the air at last
Sunrays play upon the water
Playgrounds fill with children’s laughter
Flowers bloom for bees to dine
Leaves unfurl with newness shine

[poem number=8]As dawn does break the day begins
The birds begin their song
Glittering dewdrops catch the sun
The night was dark and long

As morning rays catch my face
A milk float trundles by
The postman waves and shuts the gate
Overhead the birds do fly

The morning light fills my space
It takes me to a happy place
Wherever I may be at dawn
Never do I feel forlorn
The morning brightens up my life
Each new day a nice surprise
I hope I see the dawn again
Sunrise is my lifelong friend

This is not a love story
I saw our silhouettes dancing against the stone backdrop
That is my heart
It is a monument,
It represents a myth that was once true
We flickered with the same intensity as flames in a campfire
I began to feel warmth inside me, a burning sensation
The monument collapsed the moment you decided
This love wasn’t good enough anymore.
It was then that I truly knew
What it felt like to be heartbroken
A memory of our silhouettes
Danced against the aftermath of your destruction
The stand is a reminder that when you shine a light on our souls
Only darkness is revealed.

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Bright and Sunny Morning,
the one that activates the vitamin D present in our skin,
Shooting up like Discorea sprouts out of the blackened rich earth,
spreading tendrils gentle to soak the Suns’ never ending warmth.
I rise not to hold back,
no more to be bound shackles on the trail falling off my Feet
I rise.

While the long grain is softening
in the water, gurgling
over a low stove flame, before
the salted Winter Vegetable is sliced
for breakfast, before the birds,
my mother glides an ivory comb
through her hair, heavy
and black as calligrapher’s ink.
She sits at the foot of the bed.
My father watches, listens for
the music of comb
against hair.
My mother combs,
pulls her hair back
tight, rolls it
around two fingers, pins it
in a bun to the back of her head.
For half a hundred years she has done this.
My father likes to see it like this.
He says it is kempt.
But I know
it is because of the way
my mother’s hair falls
when he pulls the pins out.
Easily, like the curtains
when they untie them in the evening.

School buses, rushes, morning traffic,
Oh how people love to use their damn horn.
It’s early! Be nice! Be quiet!
I need my coffee, first.
Eh next song, weather channel,
Oh no I forgot my umbrella.
I guess I’m getting wet.

The silent office slowly wakes,
The early risers trickle in.
The smell of warm coffee fills the air,
And someone brings in breakfast sandwiches.
The gentle humming of computers buzz,
And keyboards click away.
The perks of getting up early.

Renew yourself,
With each morning,
Press the reset button.
Yesterday’s worries are not today’s problems.
Let them fade away.
Start again,
We aren’t perfect,
So let’s get back into bed.
Roll yourself out and put your best foot forward,
Today is going to go swell.

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Good morning one, good morning all!
It is the time of greeting
by that great big ball.
Shining high in the sky,
the sun gives a smile and beams saying hi!
It is such a beautiful day outside,
it’s time to go out and enjoy life’s ride.

Sun peeking up in the sky,
showing the beings in the world beginning to rise.
For all of those that do not know,
the morning is the best time for things to grow.
The trees, the animals, even the children,
seem to be the earliest of risers on this gorgeous morning.

The sun peeks over the horizon,
The sky turned pink.
As the dawn breaks,
People begin to awake.
The sky is clear,
The dawn is beautiful.
Birds chirp, as the sunlight glimmers on the dew coated grass.
The air is still crisp,
As the sun rises into the sky.
The day has broken anew,
As the morning sun lights the sky.

Good Morning, it’s a brand new day
Unique from yesterday.
And so today we’ll have some fun
Underneath the blazing sun
Allow each day to be it’s own
Be mindful of the things that you have sown.

The sun awakes us,
And kisses us Good Morning.
It creeps above the horizon
Only to show off its many rays
Determine to make it a wonderful day today!

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The sun is shining bright,
And takes away the gloom
It is a wonderful morning to awake
To see what is fresh and new.
We will go out into the world
And see what we are to pursue.

First dawn,
when the hours are
awakening from slumber.
The stars begin to put away their pillows,
color eases itself into the day’s corners.
First dawn is where I enjoy spending my time
the hours are still awakening from slumber.

Serene silent morning.
Make the most of these moments of solitude.
Each day a gift to unfold.
Take time to be as the day applies it’s make-up of
orange, pink, and gold.
Warmth of day in your soul.

Hands curled around a ceramic mug of
morning brew.
Steam clouds rising like thoughts to be swept away
for a new day.
Dawn breaks slowly across the yard.
Golden beams of sunlight reach across the table in
good morning.

Sunrise gives the sky a glow; Orange, and pink, and red; A signal for those in the know; To rise up out of bed; Morning is the time of day; To charge your body’s senses; Get to work and earn your pay; A brand new start commences!

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The sun aloft, the rooster crow; The pillow soft, the sky aglow; Breakfast smells, excited chatter; Churches’ bells, feet pitter-patter; The morning signs are cause for cheer; The heart opines for loved ones near; The morning dew, the soul it dances; Each day that’s new brings second chances

Open your eyes, and raise your head; Swing your legs, get out of bed; Remove your clothes and take a shower; Dress yourself and pick a flower; Each morning brings brand new delights; So leave your house and see the sights!

A dark blue sky fills my window as I awake
The sound of birds chirping echoes from my window
The rising sun is beaming from the hills
I turn on the kettle and put on my robe
A quiet wind blows from the window
On this beautiful and peaceful morning
I bask in the glory of all that is peaceful and right
On this calm and delightful morning

A quiet, early morning that seems made just for me
Quietly, I step outside
Feeling a crisp light breeze
It feels as though good things are coming
As I gaze beyond the trees
What a delightful morning
To sit on the porch swing
Relaxing as I daydream
Staring up at the sky
Oh, what a glorious morning!
To watch the clouds go by

Never have I enjoyed waking up early
It always makes me grumpy and surly
My alarm beats loudly
I get up at the first ring, proudly
Beating the rise of the sun
I never find it fun
Wiping the sleep from my eyes
Waking early is what I despise
If only for a few more minutes to sleep
The time on the clock makes me weep
Stepping out of bed
I am ready to make coffee
For I have goals to achieve
That are big and lofty
As I awake my head begins to clear
I am able to stifle just a bit of morning cheer
I may even work hard enough
To deserve an evening beer!

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the sun hasn’t risen
it still looks like
i look at my alarm
as i see the sky getting light
it’s time to wake up
let’s get out of bed
get dressed make
my coffee
it’s morning time
time to begin the say

there’s dew on the grass
the sun’s coming up
my coffee makers going
i think i need a cup
looking out the sun’s getting bright
the days gonna be beautiful
i can tell
the birds are chirping
the lights coming through
time to get started
let the day begin
good morning to you

wake up
get up
it’s morning you know
alarm off
no time to snooze
shower on it’s going
to be a good day
coffee done
i’m only on cup
number one
it’s morning maybe
i’ll read a book or two

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Great Morning Sunshine
As the morning mists delicately wake you up,
What’s more, your most loved steaming espresso adjacent to you in a glass.
So euphoric and quiet is the morning,
The breeze and the sights abandon you respecting.
Today is new and new,
Much the same as the early morning dew

Happy morning
A decent morning to the most essential individual I know,
Try not to have numerous words to appear,
Yet, simply realize that I care a ton,
You are dependably in my supplications and thought,
So wish you a decent day ahead,
Be set up for a super day,
Wish you a very decent morning for now!

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Hey morning is as crisp as you are
Hello great morning is my desire for now
May you have an entirely lovely day
May you continue grinning the while
Do things that you need to do throughout everyday life
May you never need to endeavor
Morning acquires another vitality
It acquires another appeal to state
Clears path for things you need per state
Morning is genuinely extraordinary my companion
It will acquire a great deal my dear
So have a pleasant day with cheer
Wishing you a stunning morning dear
Great morning to you!