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I miss you poems for ex-girlfriend

I miss you for ex-girlfriend: Relationships are tricky. Showing someone your vulnerability and sharing so much of yourself with another person is really tough to do. What’s even harder, is dealing with the void you feel when that beautiful relationship ends. Missing an ex is completely normal, and something that all of us have been through at one time or another. Some might make repeated phone calls, or send ill-advised text messages to express regret and let the beloved know that they are missed. Rather than those forms of communication, a heartfelt poem is a great way to let your ex-lover know that they are on your mind and truly missed. Relive those sweet moments and tell her that you miss her with one of these poems.

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I can’t believe I let you go
I really hurt you, I know
Maybe someday you’ll forgive me,
I did what I had to, some day you’ll see
Please don’t be angry,
No one hurts more than me.


It hasn’t been long, but it feels like eternity,
Since I’ve last seen you
When I let you go, I didn’t think it would hurt this much
Time crawls away while I try to hold on to the memories.

Where is the sun, where is the light?
I’m blind without you, I can’t see anything.
The light wriggles through my fingers, and I can only wait,
For the snake that used to be a dove to bite me.

I miss your sweet long hair.
I wish to tell you I still care.
I want you to know that I miss you so
And I long to kiss your lips again.
You were my beloved
But now you are gone,
if only still I will be standing here

You left me here standing there,
Without saying goodbye. Your dreams will come true
But I hope mine will come true,
When you come back to me.

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I love you so much, I couldn’t get it right;
I scared you away, you weren’t ready
and now I am here alone.
I miss you so much,
I wish you would come back
Come back to me please.
I will seize the chance to
Take you back
When I am given a second chance.
I miss you.

I know that sometimes I was difficult
I know that I did not tell you enough how much you meant to me
I know that I didn’t appreciate you like I should have
I know this now, because you are gone
I know this now, because of the pit in my stomach
everytime I see a picture of your smiling face and I realize
you are gone.
I do not miss the way things were,
I miss the us we should have been
I want that chance to make it work again.

Life isn’t a fairytale
It isn’t a storybook ending
it is messy, it is unorganized, it is painful
I am sorry that you and I
went through what we did
and couldn’t find a way to come out on the other side together
but I think we could have that chance
I want to hold your hand again, through all the messiness that life gives us
I want you by my side
I miss you and everything that you made me want to be

I never imagined a life
without you in it
I do not want to have to keep living it
I want you back in my life
back in my sunday mornings and my nights out
I need you near me
with me
on my side
I long for the nights we spent talking about nothing for hours on end
I want you back, I need you back.
I hope you can give us another chance

I know that we have been over for
But if this was a film,
I would be on the first flight to see
To win you over with a grand
But this is not a movie
And I miss you

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The sun rises and sets each day
I feel like I was the sun in your life
I am sorry that I was never there
But you are always with me
Like a spirit haunting me
I still miss you

Our lives seem fated to be together
Like there is a string that connects
This string keeps us together
Although we are apart
I can feel you near,
But our love has ended
And I still miss you dear

I never thought I will be doing this
but here am I missing you again
like old times. I cherish those

I can not believe I am saying I want
you back despite all what you did
to me but it just shows how I can
not live without you.

Please come back baby. I am so
sorry for all I did, I want you
really back because I crazily
miss you.

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I miss you at night,
When I look at the moon,
I miss your embrace,
It was over too soon.
I miss your smile,
It made everything right,
I miss your sweet kisses,
And sighs of delight.
Come Back To Me

You’re on my mind,
Both night and day,
I wish I could find,
The words to say.
To write in a poem
Or sing in a song
To make you come back
To where you belong
I Miss You

My life just feels empty,
Without you and me,
Please come back and love me,
I miss you, you see.
My arms ache to hold you,
My lips burn to kiss you,
My body needs to love you,
But all I can do is miss you.
Come Back Baby

I have tried so many times
to forget you beautiful face
I still hear your wonderful laugh
all over the place.
I cannot forget your smell
of lavender and rose
or how you you’d steal all the sheets
to cover up your toes.
I think I need to see you
and look into your eyes
and tell you that I want you back,
I want to make you mine.

There is not a day
that I don’t miss you.
There is not a day
that I don’t want to kiss you.
There is not a day
that I don’t want to laugh with you.
There is not a day
that I don’t want to chat with you.
I miss you!

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You’ve always been the only one
that can understand me.
You exactly what I mean,
and never underhand me.
You give me space to breathe
and express my mind.
I think about these things at night
and miss you all the time.

I miss the light in your eyes
that dances when you laugh.
I miss the swing of your step
as you leap across the grass.
I miss your cheeky smile
as you tease me again and again.
God, I wish you’d tease me again.

I came across that book you like
lying forgotten on the stairs.
I passed the store you always go to
but then remembered you weren’t there.
Our song played on the radio
but I couldn’t bring myself to sing.
I see your face everywhere I turn –
I’ve never known such a miserable spring.

We used to fill the days with words
and the night with love
and eat challenges for meals
and shower beneath the laughter.
I don’t understand
where the words evaporated to,
or where the love faded,
or why we starved and shriveled
until nothing remained of us.
I miss you.

I miss you, you know
Though I don’t want to tell you
I don’t want to look weak
Even though I do
I didn’t want it to be over
But I guess it had to be
Whose choice was it?
It couldn’t have been me

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I’m sorry things are over
Because I really miss you
I wish I could change my mind
I really really do
But you can’t go back
Not anymore
Not when I hurt you
Not after I was the one who slammed the door

Things aren’t how I wanted them
Not how they should be
Whose fault is that?
I guess it really was me
I wish I could go back
I love you and miss you
I wonder some nights
If you miss me too

It’s hard to believe
That we’re still apart
Because when I’m without you
It’s like missing my heart
When you were my girlfriend
I felt so complete
But here now without you
All I feel is defeat

When you were my girl
There was nothing I couldn’t do
Because I knew by my side
I could always find you
But now that you’re gone
And you’re never around
It’s like I’m missing too
And my heart can’t be found

Since we’ve broken up
It’s like I’ve been adrift
Cut loose in the sea
The winds choppy and swift
Because you were my compass
And you were my guide
Without you as my girlfriend
I’m just lost in the tide

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When I said that I love you
I hope you know that I meant it
Oh the things that I would do
If I could cement it
Into your heart that I should be your man
But that’s a long shot, so I’ll do what I can

I can’t help but think of the times that we shared
The smile on your face when I knew you cared
And now all of that joy is now long gone
I keep trying to figure out where it was I went wrong

From the first time I met you I knew you were great
And I knew that I loved you from our very first date
But now that’s all over because I made a mistake
But we’ll be together again, I believe in fate

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